Do You Want to Help Researchers Develop the Next Study about Kidney Disease?

June 30, 2021, 2:10pm EDT

Have you ever had wished you could share your insights as a kidney patient with researchers? Or wondered if your personal experience might help an investigator create their next study?

Well, if you are someone with kidney disease or a care partner, you can sign up to help researchers develop future patient-centered investigations at the new NKF Kidney Research Connect

What is NKF Kidney Research Connect?

NKF recognized that investigators weren’t sure how to find patients to help them craft future investigations while many patients and care partners wanted to help but didn’t know where to turn. Now researchers, patients, and care partners can just register online at the new platform to connect.

By signing up, you become part of the kidney research community and help advance kidney care decades into the future.

How to sign up

Whether you are a researcher, patient, or care partner, just go to the password-protected and enter some basic information about yourself or your research project. You can add specific areas of interest and then get email alerts when there is a research project that is a possible match to your personal experience. Registration takes just a few minutes. As the number of users grow, the new tool will become more effective.

Help spread the word

It is important that we get the word out to all kidney patients, care partners, and researchers that they now have access to this free platform to connect with each other on research projects, as well as access valuable resources about how to engage in patient-centered outcomes research.

Recently, NKF held free virtual workshops for kidney patients, care partners, and investigators providing education on PCOR and how to become more involved, how best to use the platform, share their needs, and tell their personal story. Break-out sessions allowed patients and researchers to work together to conceptualize best PCOR practice. To see a recording of the workshop and other helpful videos about the NKF Kidney Research Connect, please scroll to the bottom of the landing page at

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