Heart Your Kidneys Toolbox

When it comes to vital organs, hearts get all the love and kidneys get the short end of the stick. So, this March 14th, on World Kidney Day, we’re asking you to Heart Your Kidneys for a change! Make kidney health part of everyday conversations with the same urgency as heart disease, cancer or diabetes. Because if your kidneys stop working, so do you.
Help us spread the word. Share these articles and social media posts, use our letters to write to local governments and businesses, and post our video on your company intranet.
Please visit our website at kidney.org/heartyourkidneys.

Everything You Need to Know about HYK

Learn more about the campaign and how we’re expanding the conversation from kidney disease to kidney health.

Heart Your Kidneys Logos

Download these to place on materials or promotional items.


Share these on social media, your company intranet or newsletter.

PSAs and Videos

Share the videos on your company intranet, at your event, or post on your social media pages. See "How to Pitch" below for instructions on how to pitch the Jerry Rice PSA to media outlets.

Sample Tweets

Jerry Rice:
  • Join @JerryRice and #HeartYourKidneys this month (and the other 11 months of the year)! https://bit.ly/2FLqhPM [TWEET THIS]
  • We're happy to be recruiting a new member to the NKF team! Pro football Hall-of-Famer @JerryRice is joining us in asking everyone to #HeartYourKidneys. https://bit.ly/2FLqhPM[TWEET THIS]
  • Listen to @JerryRice! "Eating healthy, exercising, and drinking water” can help with preventing kidney disease. #HeartYourKidneys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7T9W8nFvDaw [TWEET THIS]
  • Pro football Hall-of-Famer @JerryRice's brother Tom has #kidneydisease. "I've watched him go to dialysis three days a week for years, which is really hard on the body," says Jerry. That's why he's joining @NKF and asking you to #HeartYourKidneys. Kidney.org/heartyourkidneys [TWEET THIS]
World Kidney Day:
Heart Your Kidneys:
  • When it comes to vital organs, hearts get all the love. Why not #HeartYourKidneys for a change? http://bit.ly/2ju5BgJ #NationalKidneyMonth [TWEET THIS]
  • Our kidneys work 24/7 to remove waste and keep our blood pressure in check. http://bit.ly/2ju5BgJ #HeartYourKidneys [TWEET THIS]
  • Kidneys are our body's little chemical factories and work 24/7 to sustain life. http://bit.ly/2km99m9 #HeartYourKidneys [TWEET THIS]
  • When kidneys stop working, dialysis or transplant are needed to survive. #HeartYourKidneys http://bit.ly/2km99m9 #NationalKidneyMonth [TWEET THIS]
  • Here are 5 jobs you didn't know that kidneys had. http://bit.ly/2ju5BgJ #HeartYourKidneys #NationalKidneyMonth [TWEET THIS]
  • Here are a few ways to show your kidneys some love through preventative care. http://bit.ly/2km99m9 #HeartYourKidneys [TWEET THIS]

Sample Facebook Posts

Facebook Profile Frame

Go to https://www.facebook.com/profilepicframes to add the Heart Your Kidneys frame to your Facebook profile picture.

Social Media Images

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Social Media Images (En Español)

Use these to update your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

  • Los jugadores son al futbol lo que los riñones son a la vida: Vital. — Download Image
  • Los riñones mantienen su cuerpo en lo alto de su juego 24/7. — Download Image

Social Media Headers

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Social Media Profile Images

NKF staff, please use these profile images on any NKF local social media pages. Click image to download.

PSA Radio Script

Use this PSA script to submit to radio stations and ask them to record and run the PSA during March.

Ads and Posters

Use these ads in your gala journals and to pitch them to your local newspapers and magazines.

Press Releases

Fill in highlighted information and send to local officials to raise awareness in your community through media outlets.

How to Pitch

Kidney Pins

This year we want to encourage all of our local news anchors to participate in World Kidney Day by wearing an orange kidney pin during their broadcast. At the end of January, all local offices will be receiving a special package containing at least 20 oversized postcards, each with an orange kidney pin attached in observance of World Kidney Day 2019, is part of a local news anchor request campaign we need your help to achieve. See the "How to Pitch" section above for instructions on how to make this ask.

Fundraising for National Kidney Month

Your support ensures that NKF can continue to be a lifeline for all people affected by this terrible illness. Together we will change the landscape of kidney disease diagnosis, treatment and research. Together we'll bring our vision closer to reality:
  1. Eliminate preventable chronic kidney disease
  2. Eliminate the kidney transplant waitlist
  3. Ensure that dialysis patients have full, productive, and functional lives
    1. Ways to Give this March:

      • Make a special one-time Kidney Month donation or provide lasting impact with an automatic, monthly gift.
      • Create your own National Kidney Month Facebook Fundraiser. Share your passion for the kidney community with your friends and family.
      • Celebrate as a team. Give dialysis patients in your area much-needed relief with a hands-on, team-building activity to assemble care packages for dialysis patients in the community where you live and work.
      • Demonstrate your kidney community pride with a special NKM Facebook profile frame.

Heart Your Kidneys Swag

Make sure you are geared up for National Kidney Month with a variety of HYK swag!
  • Hats
  • Mugs
  • Balloons
  • Kidney Stress Relievers
Visit the NKF store to place your order.

Proclamation & Lighting Request Letters

Corporate Letter and Flyer

Use these templates to ask companies to promote kidney health to their employees during the month of March.

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