National Kidney Month Toolkit

National Kidney Month Toolkit

At NKF, we are committed to KIDNEY EQUITY FOR ALL™ by helping to create a healthcare system that values diversity, promotes inclusion, and ensures that everyone has an equal chance at a healthy life, regardless of their ethnicity or cultural background. This March, during National Kidney Month, we are shining a spotlight on the importance of health equity by celebrating our progress and acknowledging the ongoing efforts ahead.

We invite you to join us on this journey towards a healthier and more equitable future for all, making this year's National Kidney Month more impactful than ever. Use this toolkit to spread the word about NKF’s work to ensure equitable healthcare access for ALL kidney patients

Kidney Equity IS Health Equity.

Visit KidneyEquityForAll to learn more.



Redes Sociales (Social Media en Espanol)

Click on the images below to share social posts and images in various sizes to Facebook, X, LinkedIn, and Instagram. 

PSA Radio Script

Use the PSA script to submit to radio stations and ask them to record and run the PSA.

Ad and Posters


PDF of Ad at 8.5 x 11

If you’d like an ad resized for placement in a publication, please submit a Job Request form with the final ad specs.



PDF of Posters at 11x17

If you'd like assistance in getting these posters commercially printed, please contact

Proclamation and Lighting Request Letter

Use these templates to ask your local governments and businesses to declare March, National Kidney Month.

Corporate Letter

Use the email template to ask companies to promote kidney health to their employees.