Icelandic Glacial and NKF Cause Partnership

Icelandic Glacial and NKF Cause Partnership

Increasing recognition for the value of proper hydration for kidney health, while driving traffic to Icelandic's new e-commerce platform.

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Partner Overview / Summary

Diet and nutrition play an important role in maintaining kidney health and managing disease progression.  Water, in particular, is essential to health.  Drinking a sufficient amount of water provides a number of health benefits (e.g. improve texture of skin, help with weight management, etc.), including keeping your kidneys healthier. Kidneys need water to cleanse the body and remove waste from the blood.

Partnership is designed to:

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Raise awareness for the importance of hydration for kidney health.

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Drive traffic/sales to Icelandic’s new, e-commerce platform.

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Generate funding for the National Kidney Foundation


Strategic Approach

The NKF and Icelandic Glacial collaborated on a month-long cause promotion during Kidney Awareness Month (March, 2019), with 10% of online sales donated to the NKF

The campaign was designed to raise awareness for the benefits of drinking water to keep kidneys healthy. Promotional support included the development of custom, co-branded, educational content around the role of water in promoting healthy kidneys. Messaging leveraged the NKF’s Heart Your Kidneys brand campaign. Icelandic created bold graphics to showcase different facts about the importance of kidneys in maintaining health, as well as the prevalence of kidney disease.

A joint press released kicked off the effort to spread the word in both health industry and beverage trades. Extensive outreach was conducted throughout the month across respective social channels, newsletters and websites, including a homepage feature. NKF provided hyperlinks in its messaging, including a call-to-action to drive traffic to Icelandic.

Partnership Highlights

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Cross promotion across social platforms—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram/Instagram stories

screenshot from Bevnet website article about Icelandic Glacial and NKF partnership

Outreach to beverage industry and healthcare professional trades

Icelandic Glacial bottle neck label artwork

Co-branded neck labels on retail product to drive traffic to

Outcome & Results

Campaign performance exceeded brand expectations

16% icon

Sales increase (vs. previous month)

31% icon

Increase in web traffic

380K icon

Bevnet avg. 380k pageviews/150k unique visitors/month, through website and e-newsletter

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Thanks to our partner!

We are delighted to partner with Icelandic Glacial to showcase the importance of drinking water and proper hydration to keep kidneys healthy.

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