Meatless Monday and NKF Strategic Partnership

Meatless Monday and NKF Strategic Partnership

Year round, multi-year partnership to raise awareness for the health benefits of plant based diets, while increasing public awareness for the life-saving role of kidneys.

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Partner Overview / Summary

Maintaining proper diet and exercise are important for physical health and well-being. Given the growing interest in plant-based diets and studies suggesting their benefits in helping prevent and slow progression of kidney disease, the NKF wanted to increase understanding and relevance of these diets. Aligning with the Meatless Monday campaign provided a great platform and the additional resources to deliver this message to a broader audience.

Partnership is designed to:

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Build awareness for the benefits of plant-based diets, in order to improve health and reduce chronic disease (including kidney disease)

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Increase relevance and raise the profile for the life-saving role of kidneys to a broader, at-risk audience

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Promote Meatless Monday as a healthy dietary choice to promote kidney health


Strategic Approach

The Monday Campaigns is a non-profit health platform designed to reduce chronic, preventable disease thru diet/exercise. The NKF launched a year-round, multi-year partnership to leverage their long-standing and highly successful Meatless Monday program, which promotes the consumption of plant-based foods by going “meatless” one day a week. The effort was designed to build awareness and relevance for the benefits of plant-based diets among a broader audience, to help maintain kidney health.


Partnership elements included the development of educational content and articles on the health benefits of plant-based diets.  and kidney healthy “meatless” recipes.  In addition, a series of catchy and irreverent promotional graphics highlighted these health benefits, while recognizing the life-saving role of the kidneys.  Assets are widely shared as part of a year-round editorial calendar covering social media, partner websites, selected events and e-mail marketing to respective databases.  Meatless Monday business partners (corporations, foodservice, restaurants, hospitals, schools, etc.) to promote through their communication channels.

Partnership Highlights

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Custom content and resources on the role and benefit of plant-based diets

2 Meatless Monday and NKF co-branded instagram posts

Series of downloadable, co-branded graphics

2 Meatless Monday and NKF co-branded instagram stories

Cross promotion across social platforms—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram/Instagram stories, Linkedin

Outcome & Results

Broad reach and strong engagement for the campaign launch

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Impressions for paid/earned media—print, broadcast, online (Oct–Jan)

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Avg impressions per NKF postings on social media (Oct–Mar)

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Engagements (30% above average) for NKF social media (Oct–Mar)

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Links for NKF social media activity (Oct–Mar)

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Thanks to our partner!

We are delighted to partner with Meatless Monday to showcase the role and benefit of plant based diets for kidney health.

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