Hot Topics in Kidney Health

Hot Topics in Kidney Health

Join us as we highlight the latest in kidney research, dispel myths, bring you up-to-date news in kidney care, and answer questions from patients to help them live well with kidney disease or a transplant.



Episode 12: How much sodium is safe for kidney patients?

Most patients on dialysis need to limit the amount of sodium in their diets. But how much sodium is safe and what are some ways to add flavor to your diet? On today‘s episode, our experts cover examples of high sodium foods, recommendations for low sodium substitutes, and how much sodium people with kidney disease should have as a part of a healthy diet.



Episode 11: What do changes to eGFR calculation mean for patients?

In September of 2021, NKF and the American Society of Nephrology announced that our joint taskforce recommended a new, race-free approach to measuring eGFR. What does this new equation mean for patients, especially those who identify as Black or African American? In this episode, we sat down with two members of that taskforce to find out.

BONUS: Coping with pediatric kidney disease

This bonus episode features a conversation from The Journey Continues, a podcast by the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois. Host and kidney transplant recipient Monica Fox spoke about pediatric kidney disease with Katie Adduci, a nurse and living kidney donor to her son Max, as well as Nicole duMont, a licensed social worker who has worked with children in all stages of kidney disease and transplantation.



Episode 10: Tips for overcoming financial hardship for kidney patients

Many kidney disease patients often face financial hardships, such as having to leave a job or struggling to pay for medications. We sat down with physician and a postdoctoral research fellow Dr. Issac Acquah to talk about his recent research into the financial impact on people with chronic kidney disease.



Episode 9: How to become an advocate for kidney health

Over the past year, NKF advocates have won a number of policy campaigns both in Congress and state capitals across the country - but we're not done yet. In this episode, we discussed some recent wins and our upcoming challenges for the kidney advocate community with Jeff Currey, a Connecticut State Representative and kidney transplant recipient, and Armand Halter, an NKF patient advocate who helped lead NKF’s efforts to pass the Connecticut version of the Living Donor Protection Act.




BONUS: Systemic Lupus and Lupus Nephritis

This bonus episode features a conversation about lupus nephritis between rheumatologist Dr. Irene Blanco and Shanika Chuying, a person living with the disease. Dr. Blanco and Shanika will discuss the facts about diagnosis and treatment of the disease as well as clear up some common misconceptions.


Episode 8: Delta variant and COVID-19 booster shots

A major worry for many people right now is the Delta variant, a highly contagious strain of COVID-19 which is making headlines across the United States. The FDA has just authorized a third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine so that immune compromised patients can better protecting themselves from the virus. What does this mean for CKD, dialysis, and transplant patients? We spoke with Dr. Joseph Vassalotti, NKF Chief Medical Officer, in a recent Facebook Live to share the facts about the Delta variant, COVID-19 booster shots, and other concerns facing kidney patients.


Episode 7: Plant-based diets: Can they work for kidney patients?
For some kidney patients, eating more plant-based foods may help prevent and slow the progression of chronic kidney disease. But what exactly does a plant-based diet entail and how do you know if this diet is right for you?

Episode 6: Creating an inclusive and affirming environment for LGBTQ+ kidney patients

For many in the LGBTQ+ community, fear of discrimination and harassment can get in the way of seeking medical care when they are sick and can put them at increased risk of serious health problems, including kidney disease. In this episode, we discussed how to create an inclusive and affirming environment in a healthcare setting with Dr. Dinushika Mohottige and Dr. Mitchell R. Lunn, two experts in sexual and gender minority health, as well as living kidney donor and the first openly gay elected state legislator in Pennsylvania history, Rep. Brian Sims.

Episode 5: What the new CDC masking guidance means for kidney patients

The CDC's new masking guidance says fully vaccinated people do not have to wear masks, but does that include kidney patients? Are people who are immune comprised fully protected by the vaccine? We have collected some of our patients’ most pressing questions about the new masking guidance and have asked Dr. Joe Vassalotti, NKF Chief Medical Officer, to answer them.

Episode 4: Coping with depression & anxiety during a global pandemic

Depression and anxiety affect many Americans but they are especially common in those with chronic illness like kidney disease. How has depression and/or anxiety affected you during your journey with kidney disease? We spoke with Tracey Doss-Simmons, LMSW, an outpatient social worker at a dialysis center in Michigan, and two dialysis patients, Ellyne and Sean, to get their insight.

Episode 3: New way to get involved in research for kidney patients

In this episode, we talk about the NKF Patient Network, an online registry for kidney patients at any stage of kidney disease. This network is an exciting new and easy way to for patients to be part of the effort to improve the lives of people affected by kidney disease everywhere.

Episode 2: Is mobile health the way of the future?

In the COVID era, telehealth has become a suddenly normal part of our lives. How is this impacting kidney patients and what implications does it have for the future of kidney care? We sat down with researcher Dr. Sarah Schrauben to discuss her recently published article on Mobile Health Technology in NKF’s American Journal of Kidney Disease (AJKD).

Episode 1: The latest in COVID-19 vaccines for kidney patients

Many people are facing pandemic fatigue, but thanks to the COVID-19 vaccine the "new normal" may be right around the corner. We sat down during a recent Facebook Live event to answer patient questions about the vaccine and pandemic fatigue.