About CNNT

Executive Committee

Feel free to contact your Region Representative or any other Executive Committee member at any time to offer your ideas, to volunteer for a special project, or whenever you need additional information.

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Chair Amy Proctor, RN, CDN
(713) 305-6515
Interim Chair-Elect Leonor Ponferrada, BSN, RN, CNN
(573) 443-1531
Immediate Past Chair Jo Ann Otts, DNP, RN, NEA-BC
(928) 300-9649
SCM Program Chair Mary Lincoln, RN, BSN, MHA
(563) 244-3680
SCM Program Co-Chair Mary Liechty, RN, BSN, CNN, MBA
(319) 931-0403
Forest Rawls, CHT, CCHT-A, FNKF
(770) 882-8649
Lyle Smith, RN, MSN
(541) 922-0879
Publications Chair Sheila Deziel, MSN, RN, CNN, FNKF
(602) 432-1662

Mission Statement

The Council of Nephrology Nurses and Technicians (CNNT) functions as a professional membership council within the framework of the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) in the development of health policies that impact the delivery of patient care and professional practice. CNNT supports the mission of the NKF to improve the health and well being of individuals affected with chronic kidney disease through research, patient services, national organ donor programs, and public education. CNNT advocates and contributes to the professional development of members through education, networking and dissemination of information related to professional practice and quality of care.


Strategic Goals

  1. Act as an advisory board to the National Kidney Foundation on issues relating to nursing and technical roles in providing patient care.
  2. Promote, conduct, and evaluate community and patient educational services.
  3. Provide nurses and technicians with educational opportunities related to the goals of the Council.
  4. Collaborate with other bodies within the National Kidney Foundation regarding local and federal legislation affecting nurses, technicians and the care of patients with kidney and urological diseases.
  5. Promote the development of clinical or research traineeships in nephrology nursing and technology.
  6. Promote and participate in the establishment of public services projects directed to prevention and detection of kidney and/or related diseases and care of the persons with kidney and/or related diseases.
  7. Enhance multidisciplinary professional relationships for the advancement of patient care.