Local Chapter Resources

About Affiliated Local Chapters

What is an Affiliated Local Chapter?

Local Chapters of CRN, CNSW and CNNT are affiliated with the National CRN, CNSW, CNNT and the National Kidney Foundation, and often provide education and programs to meet the needs of their specific communities and professional members. CRN, CNSW and CNNT, whose membership and Chapters are represented by their respective Executive Committees, are Professional Councils of the National Kidney Foundation and serve in an advisory capacity to the Foundation. Local Chapters complete an affiliation application with the National Kidney Foundation when they are chartered and then every other year following.

What is the difference between National membership and Local Chapter membership?

Affiliated Local Chapters may maintain their own Local Chapter membership requirements and lists. Membership in a Local Chapter does not give a person membership in the National organization.

Furthermore, national membership does not automatically give a person membership in the Local Chapters. However, some Local Chapters reduce dues for national members.

Local Chapters should ensure that members are aware of the differences between local membership and national membership.