How to Accredit a Local Chapter Educational Program with the NKF HQ Office

The following provides a step-by-step overview of how to submit your Local Chapter's program for accreditation through the NKF National Headquarters office, and the documentation that will need to be prepared and submitted.

  1. Submit a Preliminary Planning Form 60 days prior to the event, which includes:
    • Program title, format, date and location
    • Program purpose and educational objectives
    • Listing of Program Planning Committee members
  2. An NKF representative will contact you to get more information. Be prepared to provide the following:
    • Promotional brochure, if available (see sample)
    • Educational Activity Documentation and Overview with objectives and timed agenda (see sample)
    • Faculty and planning committee members along with contact information
    Note: When all information is received, NKF will facilitate the review and approval of program and notify program planner
  3. Prior to the program, NKF:
    • Gathers resumes and/or disclosure forms for program Faculty members
    • Provides a one-page handout for distribution to attendees that includes required disclosure statements, accreditation statements and agenda
  4. Prior to the program, the Program Planning Committee:
    • Creates sign-in sheet for attendees
    • Creates evaluation form based on NKF template (see sample)
    • Creates certificates for attendees based on NKF template (see sample)
  5. On the day of the program, the Program Planning Committee:
    • Distributes NKF one-page disclosure handout
    • Makes sure sign-in sheet lists all attendees
    • Distributes and collects session evaluations
    • Distributes certificates to participants
  6. After the program is complete, the Program Planning Committee:
    • Compiles evaluations into a summary and returns participant forms and summary to NKF (see sample)
    • Returns sign-in sheet to NKF
    • Provides a copy of the slides to NKF
    • Provides any relevant documentation to NKF

Ready to submit your activity for National Office approval?