Local Chapter Resources

Grant Request Submission Policy

All National Kidney Foundation (NKF) Local Chapters of Professional Councils seeking commercial support for an accredited activity must submit grant requests through the NKF Corporate Relations Department. All grant requests must be received a minimum of 3 months prior to the event.

The following provides an overview of the grant submission process:

  1. The CRN Program Chair submits a Grant Submission Request Form
    • Submissions can be made online at the hyperlink above or by clicking here.
    • All forms must include the following items:
      • Needs Assessment
      • Full Program Description
      • Educational Goals and Learning Objectives
      • Preliminary Meeting Agenda (topics and times)
      • Full Line Item Budget
      • List of Faculty (including name, organization, title, and email address), or Faculty Resumes
  2. If further information is required, a member of the NKF Professional Membership or Corporate Relations Department will contact the CRN Program Chair.
  3. The NKF Corporate Relations Department will facilitate the grant request and work on behalf of the NKF and the Local Chapter to ensure all applications requirements are met and the grant is reconciled.
  4. A member of the NKF Corporate Relations Department will contact the CRN Program Chair immediately upon notification of grant acceptance or rejection.

Submit Grant Request Form