CRN Local Chapter Affiliation

Prepare for the Affiliation Application

There are two parts:
  1. Enter current information on your chapter, such as membership numbers and contact details
  2. Agree to follow chapter policies.

Guidelines for CRN Chapters:

  1. Use CRN in the chapter title (example: CRN of Long Island). 
  2. Elected officers and voting members must be members of national CRN. All Chapter members are encouraged to hold national NKF-CRN membership.
  3. Adopt the national CRN Rules and Regulations or write your own bylaws
    1. Local bylaws must be compatible with those of the NKF-CRN.
    2. Bylaws must be on file with the CRN Executive Committee and NKF headquarters.
    3. You must submit bylaws at time of first affiliation, every six years, or if there are changes.
  4. Chapters should meet at least two (2) times per year.
  5. You should submit reports to your Alternate Region Representative three (3) times a year to be included in the RenaLink newsletter.
  6. Every two years, chapters will complete an affiliation application with the national CRN.
  7. Chapter that affiliate with NKF must adhere to NKF's policies. Read the policies.

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