CRN Local Chapter Affiliation

The CRN Chapter Affiliation application has two parts:

•    Current information on your chapter
•    Agreement to uphold basic guidelines for recognized chapters.

The CRN chapter affiliation period ends October 12, 2018.  

Apply Here

Guidelines for formal affiliation to national CRN:

  1. Chapters will use CRN into their title 
  2. Chapter elected officers and voting members must be members of national CRN. All Chapter members are encouraged to hold national NKF-CRN membership.
  3. Chapters have the choice of adopting and supporting the national CRN Rules and Regulations or writing their own. Local Chapter Rules and Regulations must be compatible with those of the NKF-CRN.
  4. Chapter Rules and Regulations must be on file with its Region Representative, and the CRN Membership Chair, and will be requested every six years (2018, 2020, etc.). If this is your first time affiliating, or your Rules and Regulations have changed during the past two years, a copy of your Chapter's Rules and Regulations will need to be attached to your application.
  5. Chapters will meet at least two (2) times per year.
  6. Chapters will submit reports to their Alternate Region Representative three (3) times a year to be included in the RenaLink newsletter.
  7. Chapters will define their geographic boundaries so as not to conflict with other Chapters.
  8. Every two years, Chapters will complete an affiliation application with the national CRN.
  9. By completing the Local Chapter Affiliation, the Chapter is also affirming it has read and accepted NKF's policies. Read the policies.