Patient Solutions for Health Professionals

Patient Solutions for Health Professionals

Here you’ll find a suite of patient education and peer support programs designed to supplement the clinical care your practice or organization already provides.

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Patient Solutions Aligned With Your Goals

As you support those living with kidney disease, the patient programs you’ll find here aim to satisfy the most prevalent goals of the industry:

  • Increase awareness and understanding of chronic kidney disease
  • Increase awareness of treatment options
  • Increase transplants and living donations
  • Advance health equity

Patient & Donor Education

Online learning modules and informational brochures are designed for kidney patients, care partners, and potential donors. Learning is self-paced and offers a range of topics, from kidney disease basics to navigating the transplant process.

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Kidney Learning Center Website

Patient-facing websites in English and Spanish.


Informational Brochures

Informational brochures on a wide range of kidney health and treatment topics.

Live Event Transplant Education

The Big Ask, The Big Give events invite the local community to hear from transplant professionals, patients, and living donors about their experiences. Attendees receive information aimed at helping them take the next step in their transplant or living donor journey.

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Host an Event

Interested in hosting a Big Ask, Big Give (BABG) event for your community?

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Find an Event

See if there is an upcoming event scheduled in your area.

Peer Mentoring

Studies suggest that patient-to-patient support may help address some of the most prevalent psychosocial needs of patients. Explore resources in this section to learn more about NKF Peers and how to refer someone affected by kidney disease.

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NKF Peers Webpage

Patient-facing website in English and Spanish.


Refer a Mentor

Patient-facing English/Spanish flyer — download to save or print.


Refer a Mentee

Patient-facing flyer — download to save or print in English and Spanish.


FAQs and Referral Guide

Frequently asked questions about the program and talking points to help guide patient discussions.

NKF Cares

A patient and family information help line, staffed Mon-Fri 9am-7pm EST, that provides support in English or Spanish.

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NKF Cares Webpage

Patient-facing website in English and Spanish.


Refer a patient to NKF Cares

Bookmarks in English and Spanish.

Online Communities

Online communities offer a safe and supportive place where patients and caregivers can share experiences related to kidney health, dialysis, transplantation, or living organ donation. Participation is free and anonymous.

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Online Community Website

Learn more about the various community groups in English and Spanish.


Referral Card

Easily refer someone to NKF's online communities. Download to save or print in English and Spanish.

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