About Us

The National Donor Family Council (NDFC) was founded in 1992 as "The Home for Donor Families". With over 11,000 donor family and professional members, we are the largest organized group of donor families in the world, representing donors of all organs and tissues. We provide a strong, unified voice in meeting donor family needs and providing a safe haven as they learn to live without the ones they love.

Our Mission

  • To enhance the sensitivity and effectiveness of the organ and tissue procurement process;
  • To provide opportunities for families to grieve and grow;
  • To utilize the unique perspective and experiences of these families to increase organ and tissue donation.

Our Goals

  • To serve as an advocate and provide support
  • To assess donor families' needs
  • To develop programs for families and professionals
  • To develop guidelines for donor family care
  • To improve and enhance communication
  • To collaborate to increase donation awareness

Our History - Find out what NKF has been working on for donor families and potential donor families.

All donor families, donation and bereavement professionals and friends are invited to join the National Donor Family Council. Membership is free.

Meet our Volunteers
The volunteer Executive Committee of the National Donor Family Council (NDFC) is dedicated to providing ongoing support to all organ and tissue donor families.

The NDFC Executive Committee has changed throughout the years but has always included donor families and grief and donation experts, as well as educators, clergy, authors, transplant recipients, scientists, researchers, ethicists and physicians. Please take a moment to get to know us!