Where do I start?

To donate a kidney, you must be in good health and have normal kidney function and anatomy.

Donating to Someone Anonymously (Non-directed Donation)

Contact a transplant center in your area. Talk with the "Kidney Transplant Coordinator" about the possibility of donating. The Kidney Transplant Coordinator will be a registered nurse who can answer any questions and get the process started.

Find a Transplant Center in Your Area

To find a list of all U.S. transplant centers click here

  • Under Step 1, select a Member Type: choose "Transplant Centers by Organ"
  • Select "Kidney" under Organ Type.
  • Then choose your state or region.
  • Call and ask for the "Kidney Transplant Coordinator", who will be a registered nurse who can help.


If you are donating to someone you know, click here.

Kidney Donation
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If you have two healthy kidneys, you may be able to donate one to improve or even save someone else’s life. Ready to take the first step?
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NKF Cares is a free, confidential hotline with trained professionals ready to answer your questions or concerns. Our peer-mentoring program, NKF PEERS, connects anyone affected by kidney disease with an informed and supportive mentor who has already been through the process.