Transplant Council

In 1996 the Transplant Council was formed to support and address the unique needs of transplant recipients as well as those who await a transplant. Join NKF and your peers to improve care and quality of life for transplant recipients as well as weigh in on issues affecting patients like you!

The mission of the Transplant Council is to serve and represent the interests of all kidney transplant candidates and recipients by:

  • Working to improve the quality of life of kidney transplant recipients
  • Providing education and resources to improve access to transplantation
  • Helping to articulate their experiences and perspectives
  • Empowering recipients to actively participate in their healthcare
  • Developing programs and services to meet the unique needs of transplant recipients and candidates
  • Partnering with individuals and transplant related organizations
  • Promoting deceased and living organ donor awareness to increase transplantation

Membership Benefits:

  • Subscription to the Transplant Chronicles a quarterly e-newsletter for transplant recipients and those waiting for a transplant.
  • 20% Discount on NKF Store
  • With email, you’ll also be part of our electronic Advocacy Action Center where you lend your voice to legislative and public policy issues affecting the chronic kidney disease, transplant and donor communities.
  • Information on local events in your area
  • Access to webinars on issues affecting kidney patients, transplant recipients, and living donors. Including policy issues, new programs, research, and educational information.