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Big victories are possible with your voice.

Together, we can enhance the lives of kidney patients by making our voices heard in support of the issues affecting funding, treatment, research and more.

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Take Action

Contact your Members of Congress and ask them to support kidney patients and issues that are important to you.

In Their Own Words

Our advocates share what motivates them to work together to be the sound of change.

Hear Ira's story on the need for the Living Donor Protection Act.

A living donor’s journey led to advocating on behalf of everyone who gives the gift of life.

Your Voice Matters. Become an NKF Advocate.

Your voice can be the sound of change. See how becoming an advocate can help patients nationwide.

Advocacy Resources

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Read the Issue Brief

Kidney disease costs Medicare over $130 billion annually, representing a significant burden on patients and our health system.

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Read the Issue Brief

The Living Donor Protection Act removes barriers to donation and shortens transplant waitlists, so more patients receive the gift of life.

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Read the Issue Brief

Learn more about the awareness, education, and research programs that we need Congress to fund to help kidney patients nationwide.

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Read the Fact Sheet

Chronic Kidney Disease affects an estimated 37 million people, more than 1 in 7 adults, in the United States. 

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Read the Issue Brief

Studies indicate that home dialysis can improve patient quality of life and flexibility in customizing care options.

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Watch the Town Hall

Our quarterly advocate town hall presentations feature the latest on NKF’s advocacy efforts from across the country.

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Watch the Briefing

Watch our training on how to effectively meet with the officials who are elected to represent you and advocate for kidney health.

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Get Advocate Training

Learn how to schedule and conduct meetings and foster productive relationships with lawmakers and their staff.

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Find Your State

See how kidney disease impacts every state and how Congress can help address these challenges with better public policy.

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Read the Guide

We value your commitment to empowering and educating others about kidney disease and effecting policy change.

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Use the Tool

Enter your information and learn who represents you in Congress and how you can contact them on kidney policy.

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This toolkit includes everything you need to advocate for the kidney community on social media.

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NKF Legislator Scorecard

Do you want to know how your lawmakers supported the kidney community’s policy priorities during the 117th Congress? Find out on our Scorecard.

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Election Center

Learn how to vote safely in your state by mail or in-person.

Advocates gathering at the Kidney Patient Summit in D.C.

Kidney Patient Summit


Voices for Kidney Health advocates educate Members of Congress and their staff about the importance of protecting living organ donors; increasing funds for federal kidney disease awareness, education, and research programs; and increasing access to home dialysis.