How can I find a clinical trial?

There are many clinical trial opportunities and new ones are developed every day. Your healthcare provider may be aware of opportunities in your area. You can also try the following:
  • Let's Find Cures Together. Enter your information in the box to find a clinical trial that relates to you.
  • Have you recently been diagnosed with FSGS? Click here to learn more about an FSGS clinical trial for which you may be a candidate.
  • Do you have IgA Nephropathy and are interested in participating in a clinical trial? To see if you qualify, click here.
  • The REACT Study is recruiting adults with type 2 diabetes and diabetic kidney disease. Click here to see if you qualify.
  • Are you planning on getting a transplant plant from a living donor? Learn more about a clinical trial that you might be eligible to participate in.
  • For people with Diabetic Kidney Disease, click here to see if you are eligible to participate in these clinical trials.
  • Center Watch. Use this listing service to find an industry-sponsored clinical trial that is currently seeking volunteers.
  • Search this database of publicly and privately supported clinical studies around the world.
  • Medline Plus. Find basic information, newsletters, FAQs, glossaries, personal stories, a searchable database, and much more on this website from the U.S Library of Medicine.
  • Create a volunteer profile for yourself or for someone else as their parent or guardian. This NIH-funded resource is a free, secure registry that will keep you informed of clinical research studies that need volunteers matching your profile.
  • Children and Clinical Studies. Learn about children in clinical studies.
  • The STAGED-PKD clinical trial is recruiting adults with ADPKD. Click here to see if you qualify.
The National Kidney Foundation does not endorse any these trials and is not affiliated with these trials. Each trial has different eligibility criteria. For more information on any clinical trial, contact the research team.