Learning about insurance options and choosing a plan that is right for you can be confusing and overwhelming. The National Kidney Foundation has created this resource guide to help you learn more about insurance.

For people with kidney disease your insurance options may change as your kidney disease progresses. For example, when someone starts dialysis or has a kidney transplant they can apply for Medicare. Typically, Medicare is an insurance option for people over 65 years old, but there is a special entitlement for people who have kidney failure - also known as End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).  Medicare pays 80% of the cost of dialysis treatment and 80% of the cost of immunosuppressant medications after transplant.

Insurance Options

Medicare Basics

FAQ About Medicare

Special Considerations for People on Dialysis or Kidney Transplant Recipients

New in 2021: Medicare Advantage Plans for Kidney Patients

Common Insurance Terms Defined

Date Reviewed: 02-14-2017