Is it true that dairy products (cheese, milk, etc.) exacerbate kidney disease like glomerulonephritis? Should these patients eliminate them from their diet? Also, some naturopaths support the idea of drinking echinacea to help the inflammation. Can this be true? I prefer not to drink anything like this without knowing if it can have bad side effects

Post date: June 27, 2012
Chronic kidney disease (CKD) such as glomerulonephritis can be accompanied by a disease process known as secondary hyperparathyroidism. Secondary hyperparathyroidism can be made worse by milk and dairy products. If you have CKD, you should be tested for secondary hyperparathyroidism and see if you need to modify the amount of dairy in you diet. Limiting dairy products is not a blanket recommendation for all kidney disease, but rather for those who have the associated secondary hyperparathyroidism. I know of no scientific studies that show a benefit of Echinacea with inflammation in human beings.