10 Items For Camping Trips To Keep Stored In Your Vehicle

Items For Camping Trips To Keep Store in Your Vehicle - Kidney Cars

If you are the kind of truck owner who heads for the mountains whenever you have a free weekend, you want to always be prepared. There are certain things that you will need each time you go camping. Why not designate a place for them and keep them packed in your vehicle? While there are many things to remember, here are just ten items to keep in your truck.


1. Flashlights

This is a necessity in any vehicle, but especially if you are going camping. Keep several LED flashlights and extra batteries on hand. You may even want to have one or two solar powered lanterns that don’t require batteries as well.


2. First Aid Kit

Every vehicle should have a basic first aid kit. For camping trips you will want a fully stocked kit with items to treat minor to serious wounds. This is vital since you will be farther away from professional help if a medical emergency were to happen.


3. Paracord

Thick nylon rope is not so much needed these days, at least when you have paracord. Strong paracord can handle just about anything.


4. Carabiners

You can keep these on our key chain or packed in with your paracord and tools. They are always very handy to have when camping.


5. Packable Mini Cooler

Small coolers do not take up very much space and they allow you to downsize your goods when you are departing your campsite for the day. They can prove to be very handy.


6. Utensils

Save yourself from having to eat with your hands by keeping some camping cutlery stored with your gear. After all the work in setting up camp, starting a fire and cooking food, it is certainly nice to have utensils to prepare and eat your food with.


7. Insect Repellant

Stash bug spray in with your gear and you’ll be happy you did. Whether you prefer an application containing deet or one that has more natural ingredients, you will want to have something to combat those bugs.


8. Camping Chairs

Simple folding chairs or durable camping seats will both be appreciated when you’re sitting around the campfire. No one wants to be left without a place to sit.


9. Portable Charger

For the sake of emergency communication, you will want a way to charge your cell phone or tablet if needed. That doesn’t mean you need to be plugged in while camping, just be safe in case it’s needed.


10. Travel Games & Activities

Especially if you have children with you, keep some fun items to help them stay occupied while camping. From board games and card games to balls, frisbees and fishing poles, pack what your gang would enjoy doing.


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