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10 Items For Camping Trips To Keep Stored In Your Vehicle

June 08, 2019, 3:02pm EDT

Attention all adventurers! If you're the type that craves mountain escapes every free weekend, Kidney Cars has the scoop on how to keep your camping game strong. 

10 camping items you can’t forget

  1. Flashlights: Let's face it, a flashlight is a must in any ride, but when camping calls, stock up on LED flashlights and extra batteries. Throw in a couple of solar-powered lanterns for that eco-friendly touch.
  2. First Aid: No one should hit the road without a basic first aid kit. For your camping excursions, go all out with a fully stocked kit. You never know when it might come to the rescue in the great outdoors.
  3. Paracords: Forget about thick nylon ropes; Paracord is your new best friend. Tough and versatile, this stuff can handle just about anything you throw at it.
  4. Carabiners: Whether they're dangling from your keychain or snug with your paracord, carabiners are like the MacGyver of camping. Trust us; you'll be grateful you packed them.
  5. A Mini Cooler: Don't let a lack of space cramp your camping style. Pack a mini cooler to keep your goodies fresh while you venture away from your campsite for the day. Handy, right?
  6. Utensils:  Keep some camping cutlery in your gear stash. After setting up camp and cooking a feast, the last thing you want to do is dig around for utensils. 
  7. Bug repellent: Bugs be gone! Tuck some bug spray into your gear, and you'll thank your lucky stars later. Whether it's heavy-duty DEET or something more nature-friendly, make sure you're armed against those pesky biters.
  8. Chairs: Who wants to sit on a log when you could have a comfy camping chair? Pack simple folding chairs or rugged camping seats for those cozy campfire moments. Nobody should be left standing.
  9. Portable Charger: Emergency communication, anyone? Tuck away a portable charger for your phone or tablet. You might not be plugged into the digital world while camping, but it's always good to have a lifeline, just in case.
  10. Entertainment: Keep the boredom at bay, especially if you've got little adventurers with you. From board games and cards to balls, frisbees, and fishing poles, pack the fun stuff your gang will love.

There you have it, fellow camping enthusiasts! Gear up, hit the road, and let the camping adventures begin! If you’re ready to upgrade to a new car more tailored for this hobby, donate to Kidney Cars! You’ll help make a difference and earn a tax credit at no cost to you.

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