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14 Different Ways to Give to Charity

April 01, 2019, 12:42pm EDT

There are various creative ways to support causes you feel passionate about. Kidney Cars is here with fourteen imaginative ideas to inspire positive change. 

Assist a stranger

1. Engage in simple acts of kindness in your daily life. You can give up your seat, hold a door open, or buy coffee for someone behind you. Even a smile can brighten a stranger's day.

2. Donate needed items to a local shelter, like coats, blankets, shoes, gloves, and socks. Call ahead to find out the most needed items.

3. Involve your children in giving by teaching them about opportunities to help others. Encourage them to donate unwanted toys and demonstrate acts of kindness, like visiting someone in the hospital.

Offer your time

4. Volunteer at a shelter or soup kitchen to make a direct impact. This not only helps nonprofit organizations but also allows you to develop new skills and expand your social circle.

5. Donate blood. Your blood donation can be a lifeline during times of crisis.

6. Participate in charity events, like Kidney Walk to support kidney patients and their families.

7. Become a Voices for Kidney Health advocate to help better the lives of all people with kidney disease.

Encourage friends to give

8. Raise awareness on social media by sharing information about charities, events, and opportunities to help. A simple shout-out on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram can make a significant impact.

9. Like and follow NKF on Instagram, Facebook, or whatever social channels you use. Do the same for other charities you care about. Stay informed about events and opportunities to give, then share them with friends and family.

10. Create a Team Kidney Your Way fundraiser

11. Challenge yourself with a Team Kidney Move fundraiser.

12. Stream to support with a Team Kidney Streams fundraiser.

Donate a vehicle 

13. If you have a vehicle taking up space, consider donating it to charity through trusted programs like Kidney Cars. It's a straightforward process online or by phone, with no cost to you, and the charity benefits from your donation.

Donate money

14. Give a monthly donation to NKF to help make our mission possible.

By exploring these diverse avenues, you can contribute to the causes you care about in ways that suit your preferences and abilities.

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