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5 Ways Cars Have Transformed Over The Last Ten Years

May 31, 2018, 11:29am EDT

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Just in the last decade, auto manufacturers have substantially transformed the way they build cars. Major advancements and improvements that seemed impossible just ten years have, are now enjoyed in many new vehicles.


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Here are five significant ways that cars have transformed this last decade.


1. Once only a luxury option, navigation systems are very common in most new cars today. Do you remember the days where you would have to use paper maps, or print out directions from an online source before traveling? Now, you can see where to go by a touch screen guidance system right at your fingertips.


2. Car safety is much better today. Most vehicles a decade ago had only two front airbags while nowadays most have at least four and some upwards of ten airbags stationed around the car. Innovations like collision warning systems, alert sensors and blind spot recognition are accident avoidance features built-in.


3. Getting good gas mileage wasn’t a big concern a decade ago. With gas averaging a cost of $1.78 a gallon back then, most of us didn’t feel that fuel economy was too important. The inflating price of gas that we’ve seen the last ten years has spurred the desire for more fuel efficient, electric and hybrid cars. Today, fuel economy is a top priority.


4. Self-aware cars. It would seem today that new cars can tell you all about themselves. They can tell you if you’ve left a door open, if your fuel is getting too low, if a tire needs more air, or if there is an obstruction while backing up. Have a hard time parallel parking? Let your new car do it for you. You can even communicate hands-free with bluetooth options to pair your mobile devices. What did cars know about themselves ten years ago? Mostly if you left the keys in the ignition.


5. More cars, more advancements. Ten years ago, there were about 58,000 less cars on the road than there are today. Many people would rather drive a car than use public transportation. The lure of cutting-edge advancements put out by the auto industry keeps interest levels high and drivers on the road. Now we have steering wheel gearshift paddles, night vision with pedestrian detection, headset TV’s and safety cameras. Because of all these advancements, we also have higher standards of safety.


We will surely see even more incredible transformations in the auto industry within the coming decade.  


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