6 Simple Ways to Prevent Kidney Stones


In this day and age life is in the fast lane. Time flies by faster than we can blink sometimes. Health issues can be debilitating and time consuming and kidney stones are one those of issues that can take you down for the count. Being out of commission for days and even weeks trying to pass stones is not optimal for anyone. Here are some simple ways to try to prevent getting kidney stones for future use. Learn how to donate your car to help kidney disease.

  • Pay attention to how much you sweat!

Saunas and hot tubs and yoga are all great things to do for your body but being dehydrated is a bad way to get kidney stones. Less urine production allows stone causing material to settle and bond in the kidneys. Drink a lot of extra water if you are engaging in sweat producing activities.

  • Oxalate is not an avoidable

Eat and drink calcium rich foods to combat oxalate that can cause certain kidney stones. Oxalate will bind to the calcium instead of forming stones in the kidneys.

  • Calcium is NOT your enemy!

A diet low in calcium actually INCREASES your chances of getting calcium related kidney stones! Work to cut back on your sodium and drink plenty of water.

  • One and Done is a fallacy

Unfortunately, most first time kidney stone patients do not do what their doctor recommends and they set themselves up for another bout. Take action and adjust your diet and take the prescribed medicines. Be vigilant because reoccurring stones can be an indicator of kidney disease.

  • When life hands you lemons...

Lemonade and limeade may actually be beneficial to staving off kidney stones. The Potassium citrate is important! Beware of too much sugar so think about using a sugar substitute like pure stevia.

  • Not all kidney stones are the same

Uric acid stones are caused by foods high in purines such as red meat, organ meats and shellfish. Stay away from these foods if you suffer from these types of stones. Limit alcohol and eat healthy veggies and fruits and drink a lot of water.


Taking some simple health steps to prevent kidney stones, especially if you have had them before, will save you a whole lot of pain and agony. Kidney stone recurrence can be a sign of kidney disease so if you suffer from kidney stones really take serious steps to avoid getting more stones. Take good care of yourself.