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Best 8 Motorcycle Rides in America

June 26, 2018, 5:04pm EDT

Riding a motorcycle is a thrill that many riders feel compelled to take. Let’s face it, bikes are cool. Whether you ride for practical reasons or because it’s your passion, it’s always an adventure.

At Kidney Cars, we relate to the love of riding. When you are ready to upgrade your bike and donate a motorcycle to charity, we hope you consider Kidney cars. Your old bike can help give new life to someone suffering from kidney disease.



If you are looking for a road-trip adventure, here are our top 8 motorcycles rides in America:


1. South Dakota: Needles Hwy, Black Hills

For stunning scenery, try whisking your way along the Needles Highway which simply feels like it was meant to be experienced on a bike. You will go through two sheer granite-wall tunnels and experience wildlife that might make you want to pull over for a closer look.


2. Virginia: Blue Ridge Parkway

If you love to meander through the countryside and enjoy all the local charms, then riding on the Blue Ridge Parkway is your adventure. Peruse the interesting Civil War battle sites and capture amazing views of the Smokies.


3. Texas: Three Sisters

Often referred to as The Twisted Sisters, this motorcycle ride starts in Medina and goes over 130 miles. If you thought Texas was boring and flat, this route may change your view. Cruise by clear river waters, maneuver through curvy mountain-like twists and see the southern-style Texas ranches all around when you ride the Three Sisters route.


4. West Virginia: George Washington Hwy, Route 50

Ride north on the George Washington Hwy for incredible mountains, scenery and twists and turns. You will be riding just above the breathtaking Monongahela National Forest and by Cathedral State Park on your route which is a great halfway stopping point.


5. Wyoming: Beartooth Pass

Tackling ups and downs like a roller coaster, the Beartooth Pass adventure will take your breath away. You can see everything from dense forest and astonishing mountains to great rocks, rivers and snow. You will likely see as many bikes as you do cars on this road.


6. Michigan: Tunnel of Trees Road

Want an incredible forest route? The Tunnel of Trees Road will not disappoint. Hugging the shoreline of Lake Michigan on the eastern side, you will see flashes of vintage summer cabins hiding in the forest. As you ride up north around the harbor and through the Harbor Springs town, you can enjoy a spectacular northern coastline.


7. North Carolina: Tail of the Dragon, Deal’s Gap

This spectacular ride boasts over 300 curves in just eleven miles in which it earns it’s distinguished name. You must be confident in your riding skills to tackle this ride which borders the Great Smoky Mountains National Park on the southeastern side.


8. Arkansas: Arkansas Pig Trail

A great escape during fall, summer or spring, this route provides plenty of brilliant autumn colors and charming spring wildflowers during those seasons. Start your ride between Fort Smith and Little Rock at the town of Ozark, which is suitably named as the state that made Razorbacks well-known. Enjoy the cliffs, straightaways, drop-offs and hairpin turns of this ride.


Wherever you do go, enjoy your next bike excursion and be sure and wear a helmet. When you are done with your bike, please consider donating a motorcycle to charity through Kidney Cars.


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