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Car Repair Scams to Avoid

August 22, 2018, 10:55am EDT

Good and trusted mechanics are worth their weight in gold. Keeping your car in tip top shape without draining your wallet for unnecessary repairs is what we all want. However, we do need to be on the lookout for auto repair fraud.

Are you tired of spending so much money on car repairs? Maybe you are being overcharged for services that aren’t really needed. Here are five vehicle repairs to watch out for.



1. Engine Flush

You only need your engine flushed if you’ve been driving your vehicle for many years and observe a build-up of a greasy substance under the oil cap. If a car mechanic claims that you need a flush due to your oil being dirty, he’s not being truthful.


2. Fuel-Injector Cleaning

While it’s true that fuel injectors need cleaning, they typically do not need cleaning until they have gone 100,000 miles or more. Be wary if your mechanic states that your 40,000 mile car has filthy fuel injectors. Still, if you think think they might be dirty, you can always add fuel-injector cleaner to your gas tank the next time you fuel-up. Yet, if you have a fairly new car and are buying good-quality fuel, your injectors likely do not require cleaning.


3. Gas-Saving Devices

Devices like the Tornado Fuel Saver, the Fuel Genie and other gadgets claiming to save gas simply do not work. Period. If you want to save gas then do not accelerate quickly, do not brake unnecessarily, keep your trunk free of extra weighted items and learn how to effectively coast.


4. Auto-Transmission Flush

Most vehicles have filters that keep your transmission fluid freely flowing. You don’t even need to consider an auto-transmission flush until your car has 60,000 miles on it.


5. Replace Dirty Air Filter

Many times when you go in for regular car maintenance, the mechanic will tell you that your air filter is dirty. He or she may even show it to you and it will look black and dusty. The problem is, that filter may not be from your car. Some places keep a dirty filter closeby to trick unsuspecting clients into purchasing something they don’t need. Be sure the filter you are shown is really from your car.


When you do drop off your vehicle for maintenance or repair, be sure to get all communication in writing to avoid confusion or dishonesty later. Ask if their repairs are guaranteed and if so, get it in writing.


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