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Clean Up Your Yard for a Good Cause

February 20, 2017, 4:17pm EST


If you’ve ever considered donating a car to charity, now is a fabulous time to do it. As winter draws to a close and those longed-for days of spring, with its warmer weather and opportunities to get out and work in the yard, the time couldn’t be better to free your yard of extra cars and other unused vehicles.


What Kind of Vehicles Can You Donate?

While cars are the largest kind of vehicle donates to Kidney Cars, we take a wide variety of other kinds as well. Just take a look at what we’ll take off your hands, ensuring a clean yard for you and continuing funds for kidney disease research and outreach.



Have you got a pickup truck that you just don’t need anymore? We’ll take them!



Image from ebth.com



Recreational Vehicles

Are you done traveling backroads in your old Winnebago? Let it go for a good cause.





Image from recreationalvehiclemarket.com



Maybe you used to take your kids out to go skiing on the local lake, but years have gone by since your last outing. Instead of letting the value of that watercraft continue to decrease along your backyard fence, donate it to Kidney Cars.



Image from madsdocks.com




Have your free-rider days gone by? If you aren’t making the yearly trek to Sturgis anymore, maybe it’s time to let that sweet ride go to help fight a life-threatening disease.



Image from motorcyclesforsale-ads.com


Motor Cross Bikes

Are your motor cross days over, or have you upgraded to a newer, bigger, better bike? Why not turn your old bike into new research through Kidney Cars?


Image from efoffroad.com


All-Terrain Vehicles

No matter what you used to use your ATV for, hunting, exploring, chores, etc., if it’s not being used now, let it go for a worthy endeavor.



Image from tradenote.net


Construction Equipment

Has that old skid-steer outlived its usefulness at your home? Someone is looking for what you have and when you donate to Kidney Cars the funds will go to help those struggling with kidney disease.



Image from siteseen.com



Personal Watercraft

If it’s been a few years since you’ve been out on the lake on your jet ski, and it’s just been gathering dust on its trailer, let Kidney Cars take it for you and turn it into funding.



Image from personalwatercraft.com



Farm Equipment

Have you finished plowing your field and let your garden tractor sit out in the backyard for the past few years? Why not give that tractor a chance to go to work again in someone else’s back 40 and let the money from its sale go to help those who need it?


Image from kenetiks.com

What vehicles do you have waiting for a new lease on life in YOUR backyard?