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Clever Tips To Protect Your Car From Theft

February 20, 2019, 1:51pm EST


Do you want to protect your car from being stolen? No doubt you are aware of steering wheel locks, GPS trackers and the various other anti-theft devices for your vehicle. However, to be fully prepared for anything, you may want to consider some additional protections that are more “outside the box” and can help make your car less of a target for thieves. Knowing the common types of theft and being able to identify the signs that a thief is preparing to steal your vehicle can decrease the risk of finding your car taken.

Cars are stolen more often from places like public parking lots, crossroads by ATMS and gas stations, according to police statistics. They recommend that you:

  • Inspect inside and underneath your car before getting inside.

  • Do not travel by yourself, especially after dark.

  • Do not stop to give aid to strangers.

  • If you get a sense that something is off, then leave. Trust your instincts.

  • If you find an unknown person coming towards you, drive away carefully.

  • If you do need to stop, give yourself plenty of room to maneuver your car if needed.

  • Travel in a middle lane.

  • Do not park in a place that has poor visibility.

  • Always turn off your engine when getting out of the car, no matter how quick you will be.

  • Do not leave your keys near your front door in your home.


Reduce the risk of car theft with these clever recommendations:


1. Use a baby monitor in your car

This is an unexpected anti-theft device to have in your vehicle because it allows you to listen to everything that is happening inside your car. If someone opens the car door or tries to start the motor, you will hear it. 

2. Wrap your car keys in aluminum foil

Protect your keys from “relay” attacks by wrapping them in something metallic to block the signals. There are devices that thieves can use to intercept the signal of your car keys without you noticing. Once the signal from your keys are hijacked, the thief can gain access to your car and steal it. So, don’t hang your keys close to your front door, instead place them in foil, in a faraday wallet, your microwave oven or even your fridge. 

3. Mark your window or mirror with your VIN number

This is an inexpensive service that can significantly decrease your risk of car theft. A criminal would have to spend money and time to change the etched glass and therefore decrease his profit. You can have the VIN etched on your driver's’ side rear view window, a side window or both. 

4. Hide an old powered on tablet or phone in your car

When you must leave your vehicle in a place where you are unsure about safety, place an old phone or tablet that is synced with your Google account where it can’t be seen in your car. This will allow you to track your car using the “Find my phone” function given that your phone or tablet is connect to WiFi. 

5. Keep tires turned to the curb when parking

When your car wheels are turned towards the curb, it makes it more difficult for thieves to maneuver your vehicle in order to steal it. This is especially true if they are using a tow truck. If your car requires more time and complications to steal, it is less likely to be targeted. 

6. Use more than one method

Consider installing a GPS tracker in an unlikely place in your vehicle while also using a steering-wheel lock. This strategy can divert the focus of a thief as he will likely not be looking for another protective device after he has overcome the first obstacle. 

7. Keep your vehicle clean and well cared for

When a prospective car thief sees that your vehicle is kept in tip top shape, he will assume that you have an effective alarm system and GPS to find your vehicle if it does get stolen. Keeping your car looking it’s best can be a deterrent. 

8. Install a quick release hub for your steering wheel

Take your steering wheel with you when you park your car. A criminal can’t get far without the steering wheel. 

9. Roll up windows and lock doors when leaving your car for anything

If you get in a small fender bender or when you are fueling your car, roll up the windows and lock the door. Thieves often use times when you are in a hurry and don’t expect anything to happen to jump in and take your car. 

10. Pull a spark plug

An efficient and inexpensive method to deter a thief is to tug on a spark plug. Your car won’t start without a spark on the cylinder. This is a great method to use in the city where a criminal can’t really open the hood to see what the problem is without getting noticed. This method will not work on a vehicle that has a coil plug without needing more tools. 


Having your car stolen is a situation that no one can be fully prepared for. We hope that this trouble never comes to you and that these clever tips can help you stay fully ready so you can avoid these issues. We also hope that when you are ready to let go of your car for an upgrade, consider donating your old car to Kidney Cars and help us save lives.


  • Help improve lives and donate your vehicle today.

  • We accept vehicles even if they no longer are running, as long as they have a title.

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