Diabetes and Your Kidneys


Managing diabetes is a major factor in keeping your kidneys healthy, especially if you suffer from kidney disease. One way to help with diabetes related kidney research is through car donations to help fund programs.

How Diabetes Affects The Kidneys

Tiny filters in kidneys take the waste material from the bloodstream and removes it from your body in the form of urine. The kidneys also have blood come through them with important things for the body such as red blood cells and proteins. The filters in the kidneys are so small they do not remove the the things the body needs to stay healthy. When a person has diabetes it damages the kidneys filter system overtime. When the kidneys filters are damaged they also will filter proteins and blood in the urine, letting essential components of the body leave. One protein that can pass through urine is called albumin. When too much albumin passes through the kidneys filter system it is called microalbuminuria. An indication of the early stages of kidney failure, microalbuminuria, can alert people with diabetes that damage is being done. The end stages of kidney disease is diabetic nephropathy, which is when you kidneys can no longer support you and your kidneys fail completely. Diabetes causes damage along with high blood pressure which contributes to kidney failure.

How To Help Support Kidneys With Proper Diabetes Control

Taking care of your diabetes is a great way to help support your kidneys. Here are some tips to keep your diabetes under control:

  • Maintaining a proper weight is one of the best things you can do to control diabetes. Do not stress about reaching a certain weight, instead focus on making healthy choices over and over again and the correct weight for your body will naturally happen.
  • Find activities that you enjoy doing. Many times exercising can be daunting, but when you find a way to be active that you enjoy it helps a lot. Move your body every day for an hour, and it doesn’t have to be an hour in a row. You can walk, garden, swim, clean, or bike, the most important things is to be consistent.
  • Focus on healthy foods that you like. Don’t think about all the things you shouldn’t be eating, instead make a list of all the delicious foods you enjoy and try to eat those the majority of the time.