Do You Have a Bucket List?


Maybe you have never even considered the idea or creating your own "Bucket List". Now is the time to write down your goals for your life. Studies show that when you write something down and focus on it, it is more likely to become a reality. Writing down your goals is powerful stuff! Even learning how to donate a car could be one of the things on your "Bucket List".

A traditional "Buckets List" typically consists of activities you want to do, places you want to see, personal goals you want to achieve and can even include careers or personal life changes that you have always wanted to have.

  1. Begin with a notebook or journal that you are not going to easily mistake as trash and throw away. Make this a special place to write a revise your goals and dreams. Keep this in a special place that you won’t forget and is easy to see so you can be reminded often.
  2. Create you "rough list". These are things that immediately come to your mind. Things you have always dreamt of doing or experiencing, completing or changing. This "rough list" can include pictures and reasons why you desire this thing, notes of best places to achieve it, and datelines of when you expect to have done this. Write yourself encouraging phrases having to do with this particular item on your "Bucket List".
  3. Research. Now is the time to research more of what you want to do and how to accomplish it. Find out costs and all the perimeters of the goal. Duration, setting, tools, people involved. This is a great time also to look into things you may not have originally put on your "Bucket List". If you are human, this part will involve perhaps years of adding a deleting ideas. Keep your list open for future goals and options.
  4. Refine your list. Write a more formal and basic list in the very back of your "Bucket List" notebooks. This may even be something you type up and print and frame or carry in your wallet or purse for easy reference.
  5. Check things off your lift! When you have accomplished something take a picture and write about the experience for your posterity.
  6. Share your accomplishments with family and friends. This can even fill the time at a family reunion and serve to motivate others to create and fulfill their own "Bucket List" for the future.

A "Bucket List" can be simple or very detailed. It can always be added to, and it can serve as motivation to get these awesome things done as life plays itself out. Don’t sit back and watch your life, get into the driver’s seat and create your own "Manual" for the ride.