Favorite Fall Foods for People with Kidney Disease

If you or a loved one suffers from kidney disease, it is most likely you deal with the diet restrictions that come along with treatment and support. The Fall season brings many foods into full flavor that we love to eat. The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) continues to research kidney disease as well as offer many channels of support to those who face the disease. Many people donate cars directly to the NKF which is a great help in furthering the support they offer to so many people.

When the weather turns and the last of the leaves have fallen we often begin looking for delicious soup and stew recipes to warm our bellies. Cooler evenings, noticing the fall colors, and the start of the long-awaited football season are favorite indicators of the season. Others enjoy harvesting the last of the garden squash, pumpkins, and root vegetables. And who can forget fresh, crisp apples purchased from the roadside stand, begging to be turned into cider or hot apple pie. Stir the pot of creativity as you welcome the bounty the season has to offer.


There are many variations on a theme to a casserole. The one-dish meal made up of a starch, protein and a vegetable is a great way to get many great flavors as well as nourishing ingredients into your diet. Using brown rice instead of white, adding spices in good combination, and lean meat can create a delicious, healthy dinner.


When the weather turns cold, a delicious bowl of chili can warm you up. Chili from a can often contains a high level of sodium and can include ingredients with higher levels of phosphorus. The key to creating a "kidney-friendly" dish is to swap out the tomatoes, tomato sauce, and beans and replace with fresh fall vegetables, bone broth, and lean meats.

Favorite Fall Fruit

Our mouths water when we think of crisp apples fresh from the Autumn harvest. Whether in desserts or salads, we can enjoy that there is only 158 mg of phosphorus in one medium apple. This favorite fruit is also high in fiber and filled with antioxidants. A honey-baked-apple or an apple cake are fun ways to celebrate this fruit in season.

Delicious Fall Veggies

Many kidney patients enjoy the substitution of cauliflower in place of higher-starch foods such as potatoes and white rice. It can be added to virtually any soup or casserole, or served lightly steamed with a bit of butter.

Meat Options for a Kidney Diet


When thinking of incorporating meat into your diet, consider roasting a whole chicken rather than cooking skinless, boneless chicken thighs or breasts. With the delicious aroma filling your house you will wonder why you did not do this sooner. Another perk to roasting a whole chicken is you can use the leftover meat and bones to prepare a nourishing broth for you next soup.


For the long days away from home, especially ones that included dialysis treatment, treat yourself to a warm meal from your crock pot. A beef roast, simmered slowly all day with some carrots and onions, herbs and broth, and you’ll be greeted after a long day by a comforting dinner.

Stews and Soups:

There are so many options when it comes to making soup; cream soups, chunky beef stew, noodle, chowders, bisque or even chilled. When it comes to kidney disease, however, it is important to read labels.

"Some of the broths were actually harmful to the CKD patients because while they limited sodium chloride (table salt), they substituted potassium chloride to give a salty flavor while limiting sodium. For many CKD patients, potassium is more dangerous than sodium." Read more here

Making your own soup base with vegetables and herbs is a more kidney-friendly way to cook your preferred soup recipes. Combining your favorite vegetables and herbs into a beautiful soup is a welcome fall meal. A wonderful way to support kidney health is to make your own bone broth and stocks. Your local butcher has a variety of beef knuckle and joint bones to make your stock. Cover the bones with water, add a dash of apple cider vinegar, and simmer in your crock pot overnight. A delicious way to add nutrition to your diet is to boil up vegetables such as onions, carrots and cauliflower in your gorgeous stock, then puree into a lovely creamy soup.