| Kidney Cars

Give Love, Get Love

February 08, 2016, 12:36pm EST


During this holiday season of love why not show the one you love your heart by donating your car to charity? Nothing says I love you better than showing your giant heart by giving to others in need.

When we think of others rather than ourselves the depth of our love increases and it shows in our faces, our actions and our everyday lives. Love is kind and selfless and gives to others. Love is caring for others without focusing on you. Love is unconditional and never wearies of serving others. Love brightens other’s days and lifts the weak and down trodden. Love is giving. Love is sharing. Love is selfless.

Show your love in word and Deed by reaching out with your heart and doing something new this Valentine’s Day. Give your car to charity. Help someone in need in the name of love and show your sweetheart your big heart.

Those who suffer from kidney disease will be grateful for your gift, you will finally get rid of that car, your taxes will thank you and your sweetheart will see what kind of heart you really have. It is a win, win, win, WIN scenario. Reach out and donate your car today. Have a wonderful and Happy Valentine’s Day.