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Gratitude for Those Who Give

November 21, 2016, 5:47pm EST


American’s, you are a generous people. Whether through time spent volunteering, donating your car, or writing out a check to your favorite charity, you give over $350 billion dollars annually just to help other people. This generosity has been part of our culture for a long time, and even with economic recessions and financial worries, you keep giving and making a difference in the lives of millions of people around the country.

Your Donation is Making a Difference

During this season of Thanksgiving we wanted to express our gratitude to you for the good you have done and continue to do for your friends and neighbors, and even complete strangers. Here are a few of the things your donation dollars here at Kidney Cars have done in the last year along:

  • Education for patients on how to live with kidney disease.
  • Education for medical professionals concerning the latest kidney disease research
  • Continuing research on a cure for kidney disease
  • Support services for patients and families
  • Advocacy efforts for patients
  • Support for living kidney donors

Giving Tuesday

We’ve all heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We might have even participated in the annual race for the best deals at our local stores. But, have you heard of "Giving Tuesday"?

Begun in 2012, Giving Tuesday is one of the greatest results of the power of social media. This idea, that after celebrating a day of Thanksgiving we should "pay it forward" to help others, has spread like wildfire over the past five years. With influencers, volunteers, visionaries, and generous individuals adding to the momentum, this movement is inviting people across the world to give what they can to help everyone live a better life.

Join Us

This year we invite you to share your story on social media. Join the #GivingTuesday movement and share how you have been helped by service, whether giving or receiving. We’ve seen the power of social media over the past few years to influence ideas and actions. Tell your story, share your experience, and invite your friends to join us in perpetuating generosity in our society.

Together we can make a beautiful difference in the world.