Huge Coin Operated Car Vending Machine Makes Shopping Fun

Huge Coin Operated Car Vending Machine Kidney Cars

We all like to get what we need quickly. That’s why vending machines are so popular. We can choose what we want from the selection provided, insert our money and voila, we have it!


Purchasing a car is as easy as purchasing a can of soda with the Carvana Car Vending Machine.


Carvana, a company selling used vehicles online, has created a genuine Car Vending Machine. This all-glass column is 8-stories tall and showcases up to 30 cars.


Customers can pick up their automobile right from the Car Vending Machine. They receive a commemorative large coin right on site, which once inserted, activates the vending process that conveys the car to the delivery bay.


It is thoroughly automated. The system goes up and snags your vehicle, transports is all the way down and then parades it through the system and places it in one of the bays. Then the front doors open and you can step right up to see your car.


The whole process takes around twenty minutes.


The online platform allows customers to sidestep the car dealer and get free delivery of their vehicle, sometimes even as soon as the next day. They also can provide financing.


Carvana has ten locations where they have opened their Car Vending Machines in Maryland, Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina and Florida.


For those who want the novelty of getting what you want quickly and to avoid the hassle of dealing with a car salesman, stopping by one of these Car Vending Machines may be just the answer.


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