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Knowing The Right Time For a Charitable Car Donation

August 24, 2019, 12:17pm EDT

Whether you are considering car donation to make a positive impact in the world or get tax deductions, the decision to donate a car is a powerful gesture of generosity. But one question often remains. When is the best time to donate?

1. Repairs are too expensive

When the cost to keep your vehicle repaired and maintained is too high, it’s a good time to donate your car. Even minor repairs can add up over time. 

2. You're ready to upgrade to a newer car

If you are shopping for a new car, donating your old car may be a better option than trading it in. Why? Car dealerships have a habit of lowballing you because they know many are anxious to get rid of their old car. This is a great time to choose to donate your old car to Kidney Cars where its value will be used to save lives and you can get a deduction on your taxes. 
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3. It's not reliable

If your car has broken down and is no longer able to function as you need, it may be time to let it go and move on. You don’t need unreliable transportation to bring you more stress. 

4. It has high mileage

The more miles your car has, the more likely it will break down or require maintenance. Expensive repairs like the transmission, brakes, water pump, fuel pump, and engine problems can all wreak havoc on your wallet. It may bring more peace of mind to donate it and move on to a newer car. 

5. You want a tax deduction

Cars donated prior to midnight on the last day of the year will count for a tax benefit for that tax year. 

6. Your car is rusty

Salted roads can cause even the best cars to rust. As the damage builds, the car’s value drops. Depending on the damage, donating may be the best way to get some return on investment. 

7. The warranty expired

Not ready to cover costly car repairs on your own? It may be time to donate.

8. You inherited a vehicle

Sometimes when an elderly relative passes away, they pass their vehicle down to you. While the gesture is kind, you also get the added responsibility of registering, repairing, fixing it up, or trying to sell it. You can avoid this stress and free up driveway space by donating it to Kidney Cars. 

9. You outgrew your car

Do you have a growing family and need a larger car to accommodate everyone? It may be a great time to donate your old car. Donating means your vehicle can continue to make a difference for a good cause.

10. It has body damage

When your vehicle gets damaged to the body, it might need a total loss or salvage title which lessens its value excessively. A totaled car will not be covered by most insurance companies. Even if there is body damage, Kidney Cars will accept your donated car and you can still receive a tax benefit. 

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