Myths and Facts About Car Donation to Charity

Myths and Facts About Car Donation to Charity - Kidney Cars

Have you thought about donating your unwanted car to charity? Maybe you need to clear up space on your driveway, or you have upgraded to a newer vehicle. Donating a used car to charity is a great way to support a good cause and help people in need. Hundreds of people donate their cars each year to support a worthy cause.  


However, there are many myths floating around the internet about car donation that can make a person feel skeptical. In this article, we will give you the truth for each myth spread.


Myth #1: Car donations are a scam

Fact: Charitable car donations are legit.

While there certainly are dishonest people in this industry, car donations to charity through a reputable organization is an effective way to give to a cause. In fact, the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) car donation program called Kidney Cars was one of the first non-profit organizations to accept car donations and have been for over 3 decades. The majority of the funds from each car go directly into the NKF’s efforts to assist those affected by kidney disease. Cars donated to Kidney Cars help save lives.


Myth #2: Donating a Car is difficult and time-consuming

Fact: The Process of donating a car is quick and easy.

After getting all the information needed, your vehicle can usually be picked up within 24 hours. Car donation through Kidney Cars is simple and fast.

     First:  Call us at 800-488-CARS (2277) or use our online form to give the information needed about you and your vehicle.

     Next:  Schedule a pickup time that is most convenient and your vehicle will be towed for free by a professional.

     Last:  You will receive a proof of donation for tax purposes in the mail and your donation will make a difference in the life of someone with kidney disease!


Myth #3: Only Working Vehicles Can Be Donated

Fact: We Accept Vehicles Running or Not for Car Donation.

Some people believe that if a car needs repairs or isn’t currently starting then they cannot donate it. This is not true. Kidney Cars accepts almost every kind of vehicle for a charitable donation. This includes cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans, SUVs, ATVs, trailers, boats and more. If you have a different type of vehicle or situation, give us a call, we will most likely accept it.  Running or not, your donated car can be towed from most areas across the United States.


Myth #4: You Need A Lot Of Paperwork for Car Donation

Fact: Paperwork Needed for Donating a Car is Minimal.

While different states have various requirements for documents, in the majority of cases all you will need is the car’s title. If you do not have the title, you can contact your local DMV to obtain one. Generally, you will need the car’s VIN number and possibly title number that is on the registration card. Our experts can also help you obtain a title, please call 800-488-2277.  If the car was purchased with a loan that is paid off now, be sure that it is released from the lien holder. 


Myth #5: There is No Financial Gain to Donating a Car

Fact: Car Donation Has Many Financial Benefits.

In the past few years, tax regulations related to charitable car donations have changed. Due to these changes, there is a lot of false information going around that puts a negative spin on car donation being a good financial choice. Let’s analyze the facts.

  • In order for a vehicle donation to qualify for a tax deduction for the giver, the vehicle has to be donated to a tax-exempt organization under IRS section 501(c)(3) which can receive tax-deductible donations.

  • Donors must research and ensure that the charity they donate to is a non-profit organization that is eligible. Kidney Cars is a 501(c)(3) charity and does qualify so donors receive the benefit of their donation being tax deductible.  

  • Before the new laws were enacted, the tax benefits of vehicle donation were established on inflated book values, which is less reliable as your vehicle gets older. The newer law permits the deducted amount to be directly connected to what the vehicle sells for.

  • If a car sells for less than $500, then the fair market value of the vehicle can be claimed up to $500. If a car sells for more than $500, then the precise dollar amount it was sold for can be claimed. To learn more, visit the IRS Rules for Vehicle Donations.

Donating your vehicle to Kidney Cars can provide a great tax benefit for you which is like money in your wallet. Other financial perks of vehicle donation involve avoiding expensive car repairs, cost of registration, cost and time in selling, insurance expense and towing.


Myth #6: Car Donation Doesn’t Truly Help Much

Fact: Donating a Vehicle Makes a Big Difference.

When you gift your unwanted car to Kidney Cars, the proceeds go directly in helping the NKF provide lifesaving services for kidney patients. We rely on donations to help us do our important work. By donating your old car, you make a tangible change in the life of someone in need.  


For over 30 years, Kidney Cars has worked to allow vehicle donors make a difference in the lives of people who are sick. We provide industry leading vehicle donation services for the NKF. You can donate a car with confidence knowing that we are trusted by thousands of car donors. Help make a difference and give us a call today.

  • Help improve lives and donate your vehicle today. 

  • We accept vehicles even if they no longer are running, as long as they have a title. 

  • There is no cost to you, simply call us at 800.488.CARS (2277) or complete our online form. 

  • Then schedule a pick up time that fits your schedule. You can make a difference in the lives of millions with kidney disease.