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Never Let Your Dog Do These 4 Things in Your Car

January 14, 2019, 6:04pm EST

dog at the back of the car

These days, our pets are traveling with us more often in our vehicles. Whether is a weekly trip to the dog park, or on errands to the mall or salon, our canine friends are along for the ride much more often than in years past. Regardless if your road trip is across the country or just across town, there are 4 main things you should avoid your dog doing in the car for safety’s sake.


1. Never Let Your Dog Ride Unsecured

Each time your pooch hops in your vehicle, make it a habit to secure him or her just like we do ourselves with seat belts. Do not let your dog sit in your lap while driving. Securing your dog in his own area will help ensure a safer ride for your pet and for all the passengers. Nowadays, pet harnesses are exceptionally comfortable and can be connected directly into the existing seat belt. Some come with bed boxes for a comforting ride. Once your pup gets used to being secured in the car, he will come to enjoy it.


2. Never Allow Your Dog to Ride with His Head Out the Window

An unsecured pet is at risk for falling out of your moving vehicle. Even if you have secured your dog, you can put him at risk of injury if you allow him to stick his head out the window. Insects, flying debris or rocks can impact your pet or damage his eyes. The velocity of air blowing into a dog’s lungs is not healthy and can cause damage after a while. It’s better to always keep your dog completely in the car’s cab.


3. Never Let Your Pooch Ride in a Truck Bed or the Passenger Seat

When your pet rides in your vehicle’s passenger seat, the weight of your pet signals to the corresponding air bag that it must deploy in the event of an impact. This 200-mph force could injure or even kill your pet. Likewise, riding in the bed of a pickup is dangerous and is illegal in some states. Thousands of pets are killed each year while traveling in the bed of a truck, mostly from falling out or being hit with road debris.


4. Never Leave Your Pet Unattended in Your Car

It only takes minutes for the temperature to elevate to a deadly level, even with cracked windows. For your pet’s health and safety, do not risk leaving him alone in your car. You would have a hard time forgiving yourself if your pet got hurt or died, not to mention if your car was stolen while your pet was inside. If it’s a cold or hot day and you cannot take your dog out of your car, then just leave him home.


If you have an insistent dog who demands to go with your on car rides, be sure to make these 4 recommendations a habit for the safety of your pet. Even the most energetic pooch can be taught to ride appropriately in a vehicle. Many vets suggest that you begin by letting your pet get used to your car before taking him anywhere. Let him sniff and explore. Then when you put him in his harness, be sure an reward him with a delicious treat.


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