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Reduce The Effects of Extreme Driving on Your Vehicle

September 17, 2019, 2:29pm EDT

Reduce The Effects of Extreme Driving on Your Vehicle - Kidney Cars

Do you consider yourself an extreme driver? Standard driving is known as driving steady in typical environments and weather.

Since many conditions today are often severe, being an extreme driver may be more common. Extreme driving includes driving in:


  • Severe cold or hot weather
  • Salty or dusty environments
  • Mountains or rough roads
  • Short commutes
  • Stop and go traffic
  • Carrying heavy loads, passengers, cargo, or trailer towing


Extreme driving can increase the amount of wear-and-tear on your car and reduce your fuel economy. However, by taking the following steps you can ensure that your vehicle performs efficiently, dependably and safely, no matter what the driving conditions are. 


1. Follow the maintenance and service schedule in your automobile owner’s manual. 

2. Inspect components like your vehicle's shocks and breaks more regularly. 

3. Improve gas mileage by keeping your vehicle properly tuned. 

4. Check filters, oil and other fluids more often.

5. Do not drive aggressively. Avoid quickly starting and stopping which can lower gas mileage.

6. Keep the speed limit. Driving over 60 mph will decrease gas mileage. 


You might want to look at this Car Care Guide which can be printed or downloaded. It covers service recommendations for the major systems of your vehicle and can be a resource for extending the life of your car. 


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