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Some of the Best Old Cars Ever Made

March 04, 2016, 12:19pm EST


Old cars are like baseball and apple pie in America. We Americans love to reminisce in our old days of classic and sturdy built wonder machines. Admiring the beauty and lines of an old classic just brings you back to the days when everything seemed alright and all is well in "Mayberry". Take a relaxing moment to unwind and appreciate the cars of times past, when life was really all about good clean fun.


Ford Thunderbird

Driving down the road in an old T-Bird is just plain Heaven. This original classic "would be" corvette competitor would no doubt grace and collector’s garage with its elegant beauty and eclectic style.


Pontiac Firebird

Awwwwe, this classic in its day was the bomb of muscle cars. From the Rockford Files to Smokey and the Bandit this beauty had her debut in more than one primetime show. Clean on film and ready to race the Firebird was and is still a favorite.


Mercury 8

This James Dean "Rebel without a cause" hottie is just simply awesome. Enough said.

Convertible Cadillac Eldorado

OOOOOO baby! This was the luxury car of its time. Imagine yourself just cruising down the highway with the top down and wind in your hair. An icon of the past that puts a smile on any face.



The staple of American old car culture. From Happy Days to eternity we will forever love the Chevy. With a small block 8 engine and enough umph to catapult you right on into the 21st century Chevy had more than one debut in classic car history.


The Mustang

No one need say a thing. Mustang is all she wrote. Every kid born from the 70’s on has dreamt of owning a Mustang. Fast, Furious and FABULOUS. A true classic car of all time.



The "Barbie car". I am sure many people got traffic tickets in these and still do. Fast fast fast and a car no one will ever forget. The lines and shape are just unique. Thee envy of every teen age kid in the 80’s. Drool, it’s okay.


Classically fantastic cars from a few different eras displayed to help us appreciate the wonder that is a car. Where did they all come from? Who was creative enough to come up with all the different types and speeds they could go? Cars have come a long way in efficiency and overall look but we can’t deny the memories and fond affection for the oldies and goodies. Cars give us so much pleasure but can also be the way to help others in their time of need. Donate your car in the name of kidney disease 


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