"Success Kid" Inspiration


Ever heard of or seen this baby and the many memes this picture has generated? Donate your car for charity because Kidney Cars is all about people getting kidneys who need them. "Success Kid" is just one of the amazing stories, one of the more public ones and it warms the heart to know how this man was blessed by his son’s cute Internet viral picture.

How the story began

In 2007 Laney Griner took a picture of her cute baby who had just eaten some sand! Yes, that is really what he had just done before the picture. This Internet sensation went viral and generated thousands of memes because of it. She then started a goFundme account with that cute picture attached, in hopes to raise enough money for her husband, the baby’s father, to get a kidney transplant. Capitalizing on the popularity of her son’s cute picture, that had reached such extraordinary popularity, Laney Griner started the goFundme campaign with the goal of reaching $75,000.00 for her husband’s kidney care costs. In just 4 short months the campaign soared over $100,000.00. The man in need of a new kidney, Justin Griner, is now funded and able to get the care he needs. Read more about this story here.


Because of a cute Internet picture that grew like wildfire a man now has a kidney. Laney was quoted as saying " If the #successkid story has a moral, it’s be an amazing organ donor!".

How can you help kidney patients?

While becoming an Internet sensation might not be feasible for everyone, you can actually do great things to help those in need of kidney care. Donating to Kidney cars is a perfect start. Kidney cars can take your car that doesn’t even run and use it to help a kidney patient, isn’t that great? With the Griner’s success story we hope that people are generous and kind. Giving a car to help a suffering patient is the gift that keeps on giving. You can help someone in need by donating your car, motorhome, RV or boat today. Be a part of the solution.