Take Responsibility for Your Own World Peace

To believe in world peace means to contribute to the peace of your own community and surroundings. To say you believe and not act is hypocritical. Believing in peace requires our personal hands-on responsibility for the peace of our very surroundings.

If you personally are not taking responsibility for the peace around you, who else is going to? Problems, issues and dilemmas have been present throughout history in this country. We have come a long way since then. A number of our ancestors took responsibility for this country and their surroundings and paid a price for peace. All races were able to come together to recreate harmony in what was a current tidal wave of distress waiting to wipe out all civilization no matter their color or race. They made the decision to take a step forward after several years of falling backwards. Today is an improvement of yesterday, however, tomorrow can hold an even brighter horizon.

In the past we’ve seen how much the force of a united people of different races and faiths can accomplish. It is our responsibility today to keep the dream our forefathers alive for all the people of this nation. Because the sacrifices our ancestors made to serve others, all we must do is be willing to do our part. Choose today to take responsibility for peace by simply helping those who need in your community and globally.

It may be hard to find an opportunity to promote peace, find the time to serve others or the means to help someone in need. A key to creating peace is taking opportunities when you do find them, or search for those you can do. For example, do you have an unwanted vehicle? A simple way to make a difference is donating a car to the too common 9th most leading cause of death – kidney disease. The easiness of kidney car donation and the benefits that come from it make it the perfect way to promote peace and make your own difference in this world.