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Top 31 Car Memes You Will Want To Share

August 08, 2019, 8:53pm EDT

The internet is like a world with its own culture. One of the elements of that culture is the meme. Many people browsing online have spent a few minutes (or hours) scrolling through amusing memes. Whatever subject that interests you, there is likely a meme for it. Cars are no exception. We found several car memes that are funny, cute and some just awesome. Here are our top 31 that will make you smile and even laugh out loud. 

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1. We all have that one friend who has a flare for the obvious!

Car Meme_Kidney Cars - 34


2. When you want duct tape to become the new auto-fashion craze.

Car Meme_Kidney Cars - 36


3. You don’t just find interesting people inside a Walmart…

Car Meme_Kidney Cars 41


4. Apparently, it didn’t get much TLC from its owner!

Car Meme_Kidney Cars - 24


5. When dog owners don’t take the time to teach their dogs.

Car Meme_Kidney Cars - 17


6. Awkward…

Car Meme_Kidney Cars - 13


7. We've all been there...

When you missed your exit and the next one is in 20 miles

8. And then you hope he didn’t notice... 

Car Meme_Kidney Cars - 04


9. Must… resist!

Car Meme_Kidney Cars - 10


10. It’s good to keep a positive attitude. It might not work for the driving instructor, though.

Car Meme_Kidney Cars - 31


11. Sometimes you have to yell...and take your car in for inspection anyway

When the check engine light comes on the day before your inspection


12. This adorable little girl would make a great salesperson.

Car Meme_Kidney Cars - 19

13. What your dog is thinking while you’re driving. 

Car Meme_Kidney Cars - 25


14. Saving money can look good, sort of. 

Car Meme_Kidney Cars - 08


15. We all need to be more observant like this guy!

Car Meme_Kidney Cars - 32


16. That’s one weird-looking car!


Car Meme_Kidney Cars - 22


17. When your budget and dreams don't match.

When your budget and dreams don't match


18. Australians have learned to drive with all kinds of distractions, apparently.

Car Meme_Kidney Cars 40


19. I hope it's eco-friendly too!

Car Meme_Kidney Cars - 21


20. Yesssss!

Car Meme_Kidney Cars - 06


21. Watch out for those car-eating beaches!

Car Meme_Kidney Cars - 12


22. When your truck is easily distracted…

Car Meme_Kidney Cars - 23


23. Oops…

Car Meme_Kidney Cars - 30


24. Well, as long as it has that camber kit then…

Car Meme_Kidney Cars - 16


25. It’s always good to have a horse check out your engine!

Car Meme_Kidney Cars - 11


26. I think the horse knows more about engines than this guy.

Car Meme_Kidney Cars - 05


27. This would be a fun sight for your kids to see. They do exist!

Car Meme_Kidney Cars - 37


28. Pretty clever paint job!

Car Meme_Kidney Cars - 14


29. Whew. That’s good to know. Drive on.

Car Meme_Kidney Cars - 33


30. Baa ha! Those aliens wouldn’t be allowed to leave!

Car Meme_Kidney Cars - 27


31. We all have that one friend who loves Halloween year round!

 what decorations?

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