Top Car Apps for 2019

Top Car Apps for 2019 - Kidney Cars

Americans sure have a love of cars. On average, we spend 300 hours each year in our cars. Because we spend so much time and money on our vehicles, it is only reasonable that we like to use technology to strengthen our driving experience.


Due to the need to navigate traffic, schedule a maintenance appointment, or find a parking space, there are several helpful car apps available for our use. We have compiled 10 apps great for everyday use.


1. Parkopedia

Want to find a good parking spot? Parkopedia provides a database of thousands of parking structures, car parks and street parking choices. This app also gives users information on pricing and parking hours. You can find this app on iTunes and Google Play.


2. NuWash

This eco-friendly app provides users with a way to manage and pay for on-site car detailing services at home or work. Typical car washes use over 40 gallons of water each wash. NuWash’s eco-friendly design uses less than a single gallon to wash one vehicle. All you do is book a date and time for your car wash, choose a package, set a place, decide any add-ons (such as interior clean, dashboard conditioner, or stain remover) and pay online. Leave your vehicle unlocked or ask for the technician to contact you and you are all ready. Currently NuWash is only available for cars in the Dallas and Austin areas of Texas.


3. Openbay

When you want to find high quality car service closeby, try using Openbay. Their easy process involves entering your maintenance need (like tire rotation, oil change or alignment) and the app will give you service quotes from mechanics in your area. You can schedule service right from your phone.


4. Find My Car

If you’ve ever come out of the grocery store, mall or public venue and cannot find where you parked your car, you are not alone. The Find My Car app allows you to find your vehicle easily using Google Maps Navigation. It takes a picture of your parking spot and stores however many positions you need. It also remembers the GPS coordinates of other locations (like your hotel or meeting point) and you can share these with loved ones.


5. FGL DriveTracker

Parents who have new drivers in the home will love the FGL DriveTracker app. It records the driving hours needed for a learners permit or a drivers license. It lets teens and parents know the most risk for each drive. If a driver is speeding at traffic lights, rolling through stop signs, or continually accelerating and braking, this app will be fast in letting you know what needs to change. It can also give notice when other apps are open that can be distracting the driver.


6. ChargePoint

If you own an electric vehicle, the ChargePoint app makes charging easy by letting you view over 50,000 charging stations within the major charging networks. You can filter for stations compatible with your vehicle and get real-time updates. Favorite stations can be saved along with stations most recently used. Users can also request to be added to a waitlist if they need to come back later to charge.


7. Radarbot

To find out what if happening on the road at any time, use Radarbot. This is a speedometer app and a speed-camera detector and is completely legal. Drivers can receive alerts about all kinds of cameras in the area: traffic light cameras, mobile cameras, fixed speed cameras, and tunnel cameras helping them avoid the unexpected. There is a live community for this app with frequent live updates.


8. GasBuddy

Find gas stations close by and the least expensive gas rates with GasBuddy. Drivers can search for gas by zip code, city or state throughout cities in the United States and Canada. Gas rates are updated in real time.


9. SpotHero

This app lets to reserve your car parking and pay for it ahead of time. Parking places across the United States have partnered with SpotHero to give users parking options that range from monthly to just one-day. Drivers can schedule a parking spot at a discounted rate and cancel up until minutes before their reservation starts.


10. Turo

If you’d like to earn money renting your car or use an alternative to a rental car, Turo is the app to use. It is like an AirBnB for your vehicle. Users enter the date range and the city, closest airport or address to find a database of vehicles available. Cars can be picked up or delivered at whatever time is most convenient for you.


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