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Top Road Trip Destinations Across the United States

February 08, 2019, 12:26pm EST

top road trip destinations in US Kidney Cars

Our country has miles and miles of roads varying from tiny byway backroads to colossal interstates. For a family excursion, there is a perfect destination just waiting for you. Here are some ideas to help inspire your next road trip.

The Oregon Trail

If you are traveling cross-country, you want to use a vehicle that is capable of a long-haul and is reliable while visiting many of the historical sites along your way to the Oregon Trail. Pit stops along the way can include: Mt Rushmore, the Great Lakes, Niagara Falls, Cape Cod, and Yellowstone National Park.

Atlantic Coastline

Traveling from Maine to Key West will showcase an unparalleled amount of beauty and history including the Statue of Liberty, beautiful beaches, historic lighthouses and the Southernmost Point Buoy.

The Great River Road

If you’ve got a reliable truck and want to explore the deep south, you’ll love the Great River Road trip. Beginning at Itasca State Park (Lake Itasca), you will truck on down to the Gulf of Mexico. Along the way you can stop for some musical history, horse-racing and shopping. Be sure and snap a picture of the World’s Largest 6-Pack en route. For a camping adventure, stop at the Delta National Forest and stay at the “green jewel” aka the National Forest System and explore the brilliant greenery.

Route 66

It doesn’t get more iconic than Route 66. From Chicago to the Santa Monica Pier, this winding path will have you experiencing the American landscape in full spectrum. From the lush Midwest to the wide arid land of the southwest. Be sure to stop at Cadillac Ranch, Delgadillo Snow Cap Drive-in and the Blue Whale of Catoosa.   

Pacific Coastline

Image visions of the perfect ocean waves climbing up the coast on your trip of a lifetime down the Oregon coast. You’ll want to take pictures at Bixby Canyon Bridge and visit the Olympic National Park. Be sure not to miss the Monterey Bay, Big Sur or the Golden Gate Bridge.

Loneliest Road

For an enjoyable trip no matter where you begin or end, US 50 is your destination. It’s called the Loneliest Road due to a long stretch going east just outside of Reno. It is bizarrely desolate on this crazy span of road. Other than the lonely part, it’s a great drive where you wander through the plains of the Midwest and the mountains of West Virginia.


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