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Is Your Daily Commute Dangerous?

March 21, 2019, 12:49pm EDT


People who commute to and from work each day are mindful of the time it takes away from daily life. It’s like a limbo state in between work and home. I can be dull and annoying that one may easily not consider the risk involved. The fact is, some unfortunate commuters do not arrive at their destination.



How Dangerous is Commuting?


2016 was a deadly year for American drivers with almost 40,000 individuals fatally injured in car accidents according to the National Safety Council. Tracking these fatalities according to the time of day that they happened showed that roughly one in four of these deaths occurred during the morning or evening commute. Evening time takes up the bulk of these with Friday nights being the most dangerous day for commuting. Taking a bus or train to work is a safer option.


The Most Risky Hours and Times for Driving


The deadliest time for commuting is the evening hours from 5 to 6 pm. Maybe drivers are more tired, hassled and even drowsy when coming home. Even though the statistics don’t tell us specifics, at least one third of Americans say they have nodded off while driving. Morning commutes have less of a crest, yet from 8 to 9 am is a bit riskier that other morning times.


It seems sensible that certain driving times can elicit more risk for deadly accidents. Roads can be especially congested with traffic at specific times of the day with drivers who have been traveling on autopilot the same route for years. The moods of drivers are a factor, whether commuters are in a hurry to get somewhere or upset at the traffic. Most people commute every day because they have to.


A Driving Jungle Out There


If you must commute, we hope to drive home the point that driving a vehicle to work and home warrants your highest attention, energy and care, despite how boring it can be. If you have an old vehicle you don’t use anymore, we hope you consider a Kidney Cars donation to help those affected by kidney disease.  


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