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We are down to the last couple months before the end of the year making it an optimal time to consider a car donation to charity. The 2019 tax season is coming to a close and with your stacks of receipts and documents, you soon may be making that appointment with your accountant. Perhaps you will find yourself wishing you had more things that you can deduct on your taxes. 

Driving in harsh weather conditions can be both dangerous and frightening for travelers. Bad road conditions, severe weather, and winter storms are major components in almost half a million car accidents and over 2000 traffic deaths each winter, according to AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety research. 


Do you consider yourself an extreme driver? Standard driving is known as driving steady in typical environments and weather.

Since many conditions today are often severe, being an extreme driver may be more common. Extreme driving includes driving in:


In many cities, the Honda Civic has been the most targeted vehicle in the country for theft along with the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry because the parts for these cars are valuable. Car thieves today also target more pricey vehicles with horsepower, pop culture appeal and bling. 


There are so many good reasons why a person decides to donate a car to charity. The desire to do something good, the need to get rid of a vehicle, or wanting a deduction on taxes are just a few. Yet many people have wondered, when is the best time to donate a car?



Having a vehicle in this country is vital for most people. In fact, over 75% of all commuting in 2016 was made by individuals driving alone. Driving a vehicle to and from work can be quite costly, especially in big metropolis areas. It’s been estimated that U.S. drivers spent over $10,000 on average in 2017 for driving expenses like fuel, insurance, upkeep, tolls, parking fees, fines, and wasted time.

The internet is like a world with its own culture. One of the elements of that culture is the meme. Many people browsing online have spent a few minutes (or hours) scrolling through amusing memes. Whatever subject that interests you there is likely a meme for it. Cars are no exception. We found several car meme’s across social media that are funny, cute and some just awesome. Here are our top 31 that will make you smile and even laugh out loud. 


You are all set for your out-of-town visit or road trip. While you may have been getting ready for weeks, you can only be so ready for a dead battery, flat tire or a smoking engine. These obstacles can be very disheartening to your plans. Having to search for an honest mechanic away from home is never part of anyone’s plans.

But, do you have to?  

Have you thought about donating your unwanted car to charity? Maybe you need to clear up space on your driveway, or you have upgraded to a newer vehicle. Donating a used car to charity is a great way to support a good cause and help people in need. Hundreds of people donate their cars each year to support a worthy cause.  


One of the most useful innovations created are cars. No one ever forgets their first car. Owning a vehicle is a big deal, like a status symbol. Most of us have a lot of sentiments attached with our cars like our first drive as a couple together, an epic family vacation or a road trip with friends. While these special moments will never be forgotten, there are some facts about automobiles that you might not have known.