Living Donor Circle of Excellence

Living Donor Circle of Excellence

The Living Donor Circle of Excellence celebrates employers that help eliminate barriers to living donation.

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What is the Living Donor Circle of Excellence?

The Circle of Excellence is an employer recognition program from the American Society of Transplantation that celebrates organizations who provide salary support to living donors. By implementing a policy to support the lost wages of a living donor employee, employers can join the Circle of Excellence and demonstrate a clear commitment to saving lives.

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The Impact of Circle Members

In the U.S., nearly 100,000 people need a transplant, but a loss of income while recovering from organ donation is a barrier for potential donors. Living Donor Circle of Excellence members can help close the gap between organs needed and transplants received. 

Objectives of Circle Members

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Reduce financial barriers to becoming a living donor

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Support living donors to increase the number of transplants

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Increase awareness about living donation

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Make it easier for someone to say “yes” to saving a life

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What does it take to join the Circle?

Employers can join the Circle when they implement an HR policy that covers salary support for living donors. By offering four weeks or more of at least 80% salary support to your employees, we can help reduce the costs associated with becoming a living donor, encouraging more people to generously donate a kidney, especially among those most in need.


The average employer will be able to offer a living donation leave policy at a very low cost. For every 100,000 employed persons, only about 4 will become living donors.

How to Get Started

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Learn more about the requirements for membership

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Do you already have an HR policy to support living donors?

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