The Impact of Your Donations

Fueled by generous supporters, National Kidney Foundation is a lifeline for all people affected by kidney disease. From advocacy to action, your contributions directly ensure better outcomes for the 30 million Americans with chronic kidney disease - and our high standards of stewardship mean every dollar goes further at NKF. Your donations helped us with the following new actions and new solutions, and so many more, this past year. Thank you for supporting our mission.

The Big Ask: The Big Give

The power of conversations
Created to provide a roadmap for kidney patients and families interested in living donation, THE BIG ASK: THE BIG GIVE is a comprehensive platform of programs and resources designed to increase kidney donation and transplantation. It promotes awareness and assists both kidney patients who are asking someone to consider a kidney donation (THE BIG ASK) and potential kidney donors who may need information, answers, and support in making a decision about donation (THE BIG GIVE). In-person workshops with transplant centers have provided support and guidance to help participants find a living donor. Ongoing support and answers are provided through our NKF Cares Help Line, Peer mentoring program, Online Communities and website. The PSA campaign shared stories of living donors and recipients and a partnership with the Warner Bros. film, Going in Style brought THE BIG ASK: THE BIG GIVE to the big screen.

Government Advocacy

Your action keeps us crossing the aisle for kidney health
NKF stays on top of federal policies that can bring big change to people affected by chronic kidney disease (CKD). Our more than 200 Kidney Advocacy Committee (KAC) liaisons have used their personal CKD stories to vigorously champion the recent introduction of the landmark kidney legislation H.R. 3867 to detect and treat CKD earlier for better outcomes. The KAC helps us support H.R. 1270, the Living Donor Protection Act, aimed at preventing discrimination in life, disability and long-term care insurance. They stand with us in rejecting attempts by the Executive Branch to leave CKD patients unprotected and prevent living donation from becoming a pre-existing condition. We’ve publicly announced strong support for removing barriers to living organ donation so neither donors nor recipients bear any financial cost. Our new, easier, online government relations platform allowed 17,000 messages from 7,500 individuals to reach Congress in FY17. The ante was upped further on Capitol Hill as the annual Kidney Patient Summit held its first-ever press conference on living donation in 2017, with samplings of heartfelt, urgent appeals from kidney patients, living donors and lawmakers.

Patient and Professional Education

Your funds facilitate learning first – then implementation
NKF is at-the-ready to inform and to help, whether through, a first point of NKF contact for more than 11 million people in FY17, up 22 percent from the previous year; the toll-free 1.855.NKF.CARES English and Spanish patient help line; the NKF Peers program that matches kidney patient-to-kidney patient and donor-to-donor for powerful, two-way support; KEEP Healthy community health checks for underserved communities; Your Kidneys and You local education events; or Kidney Living and Heart Your Kidney newsletter publications, lifelines to their readers. The reach of our help has extended by partnering with a major international web forum providing support and resources through four online communities spanning kidney disease, dialysis, living donors, and transplant recipients. A wealth of knowledge is always handy and current in NKF’s Kidney Learning Solution (KLS) professional and patient education materials, and even more is within reach through continuing medical education/continuing education (CME/CE) courses and at the annual Spring Clinical Meetings, our premiere conference for healthcare practitioners.


Your support accelerates our seeking and finding the right answers
In this 20th year of upholding the Kidney Disease Outcomes Quality Initiative (KDOQI) classification system NKF created for treating and caring for dialysis patients and all people affected by chronic kidney disease, we celebrate the milestone of this revolutionary standard set worldwide. NKF has kept blazing trails this year, co-hosting with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) the first-ever, patient-focused drug development meeting centered on kidney disease. And our new NKF microsite helps kidney patients find matching clinical trials in their local areas within 60 seconds! NKF is bringing the both the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry together to accelerate drug development for CKD patients. The five 2017 NKF Young Investigator Research Grant Program recipients are doctors from across the country whose pioneering work examines a myriad of groundbreaking studies. The spring NKF Consensus Conference to Decrease Kidney Discards explored how to increase the use of 3,000 deceased donor kidneys thrown away in the U.S. each year. Also, to prove the benefits of early CKD detection and intervention, the NKF Research Task Force proposes to TACKLE the topic in a major clinical trial titled Testing and Classification of Kidney Health to Lower Events. Summary findings resulting from a vital Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Stakeholders Conference – a program led by both patients and researchers – shed light on kidney disease research priorities that mattered most to them, discussed barriers that prevent patients from participating in research, and identified potential solutions for overcoming those barriers. Moving research forward starts with putting people first.

Heart Your Kidneys

Brings the love—and the impact
Heart Your Kidneys is NKF’s multi-media marketing campaign designed to harness social energies to elevate the status of the kidneys, brings our brand into the cultural conversation and connect NKF to action-oriented activism. Moving forward, Heart Your Kidneys will continue to help people learn about the kidney’s vital functions, and how simple lifestyle changes and tangible actions can help reduce the risk for kidney disease. Partnerships like our relationship with football legend and celebrity Jerry Rice will help to make sure that Heart Your Kidneys stays top of mind and at the top of our audiences social feed through #heartyourkidneys and #waterwednesday and through media. Our field offices continue to drive NKF’s version of “March Madness” during National Kidney Month by securing local, iconic landmarks across the country to turn NKF orange, lighting up the night on World Kidney Day.