Unlocking New Connections For Kidney Patients

From the friends and family who support us, to the medical professionals who treat us - anyone who has had their life touched by kidney disease knows that it takes a village to manage kidney health. We have your back with programs and initiatives that directly connect the kidney community to support.

New Online Kidney Communities

We’ve partnered with HealthUnlocked to create online forums that provide peer-to-peer support to anyone affected by kidney disease, dialysis, transplant, or living donation along with access to information and resources. No matter where you live or what issues you are facing related to kidney disease or living donation – your peers in NKF’s Online Communities are here to help.

On-Site Moderators Bring The Expertise Straight To Your Computer

One huge benefit of the HealthUnlocked forums is that they are moderated by dedicated representatives from NKF and the kidney community.  Moderators are there to provide direct support and useful information. You won’t need to rely on WebMD when you have access to the experts on the HealthUnlocked forums on Kidney Disease, Dialysis, Living Donation and Transplant.

Social Sharing Helps Advance Medical Progress

Through the HealthUnlocked forums, NKF and the kidney health community will be able to have a more direct conversation with patients - furthering our understanding of the unique experiences of each individual and helping to push research forward by asking new questions and gathering new information.

Joining The Conversation Is Easy

It’s simple to become a part of the HealthUnlocked forums, just choose the one you want to be a part of below and click the link to make a quick and completely free account. That’s it! You’ll have access to NKF Resources as well as a system of peers and professionals having a dedicated conversation about kidney health that is tailored to your specific experiences.

Long-standing NKF Programs Are Always On The Line

Additionally, support is never more than a phone call away with initiatives like NKF Cares and NKF Peers, free helplines that offer support and mentorship, respectively, and now, NKF is proud to have a new online community dedicated to kidney disease management, support and prevention.