Local Staff

Erin L. Tuladzieck, MS
Executive Director

Phone: 412.261.4115 ext. 751
Fax: 412.261.1405

Program Team

Maggie Pratt
Director, Patient Services and Administration

Phone: 412.261.4115 ext. 752
Fax: 412.261.1405

For Community Outreach information contact
Jaime Greenwald at jamie.greenwald@kidney.org

Rachelle Coda
Transportation Coordinator
Phone: 412.261.4115 ext. 755
Fax: 412.261.1405

Janice Miller
Transportation Coordinator

Phone: 412.261.4115 ext. 756
Fax: 412.261.1405

Development Team

Jaime Greenwald
Development Director

Phone: 412.261.4115 x753
Fax: 412.261.1405

Molly Doehring
Development Manager
Phone: 412.261.4115 ext. 754
Fax: 412.261.1405

Alexis Curran
Development Manager
Phone: 412.261.4115 ext. 757

NKFALL Board of Directors

Elliot Dinkin, Chair
Rose Hoover, Past Chair
Tom Ali
Travis Brannon
Joe Buser
Stephen Erskine
Brittany Grant
Danny Greenfield
Sundaram Hariharan, MD
P. Brennan Hart, Esq.
Nick Jacobs
Bill Jones
Mike Kovalcik
Natalia Kujdych
George McClure
Matt Rhenish
Vanessa Swickline
David Vanella
Byron Wade
Jennifer Watson
Shelley Zomak

Honorary Board

Leroy Ball
Barbara Clark, MD
Jeff Hatthorn
Rose Hoover
Philip Petraglia
Beth Marie Piraino, MD, FNKF
James Sullivan
Michael Sullivan

Medical Advisory Board

Khaled Nashar, MD, FNKF — Chair
Shirley Dopson, DO, FNKF—Co-Chair
Sanjeev Anand, MD, FNKF
Kiram Bitar, MD, FASN, FACP David Brooker, MD
Vishy Chaudhary, MD
Barbara Clark, MD, FNKF
Chris Gisler, MD
Dr. Zeid Khitan, MD
Michael Moritz, MD
Nimish Naik, MD, FNKF
Sudha Nayar, MD
Paul Palevsky, MD, FNKF
Nirav Patel, MD
Roderick Tan, MD, PhD
Amit Tevar, MD
Randy Zelen, MD


Are you interested in making a difference in the lives of over 6,000 people a year affected by kidney disease? Do you possess excellent communication skills? Are you self-motivated, outgoing, organized, detail-oriented, and have an interest in working in nonprofit?

…if you fit the bill, we would love to hear from you!

Contact nkf.alg@kidney.org for more information!

Volunteers are our KEYS to SUCCESS! The NKFALL is always looking for volunteers to help with community outreach, special events, and administrative support. If you'd like to hear more about how you can help today, please contact the NKFALL at (412) 261-4115.