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What is NKF PEERS?

NKF PEERS is a peer mentoring program, where kidney patients are connected via phone with trained mentors who have been there themselves. Peer mentors can share their experiences with dialysis, transplant, or living kidney donation with you. 

Who is NKF PEERS for?

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I have kidney disease and need help.

Are you coping with kidney disease? Do you have questions, need support, or simply want to talk with someone else with kidney disease?
We can help! We can connect you with another kidney patient to talk about kidney disease, dialysis, transplant, or living kidney donation.
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I am thinking about donating a kidney and want to learn more.

Are you thinking about donating a kidney to someone who needs a transplant? We can connect you with someone who’s already become a living donor.
Living donors can share what it’s like to donate and give you the resources and support that you need. They can also support you after donation
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I’m doing well and want to help others.

Are you a kidney patient or living donor who's doing well and who wants to help people in this program? You could become a Peer Mentor!
All Peer Mentors must complete a brief application and a 4-5 hour virtual training.

How it Works:

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Tell us about yourself

Fill out the brief form so we can find out more about what you need.
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Get matched

We’ll find the right person to talk with you, based on your personal situation.

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You’ll connect with them through a toll-free, confidential phone system, one-on-one.

Watch to Learn More

The NKF Peers Program helps those living with kidney disease.

Hear from a mentor and mentee on their relationship through the NKF Peers program.

Listen to one person’s experience with our program.

FAQ for People Needing Support

Who is this program for?

The program offers support to kidney patients in any of these situations:

  • If you were told you need dialysis or a transplant
  • If you have been diagnosed with CKD stage 4 or 5
  • If you are having a hard time on dialysis
  • Are considering home dialysis
  • Are considering becoming a living donor


It also offers help to people who are thinking about donating a kidney to someone, and to people who have already donated a kidney and need information or support.

Who will be helping me?

  • Peer Mentors are people living well with kidney disease, or living donors, who have gone through a comprehensive training program by the National Kidney Foundation
  • Peer Mentors are not medical professionals and are not a substitute for any medical professional

How will this program help me?

Through this program, you can:

  • Speak to someone who understands…because they’ve been there
  • Hear someone’s story and perspective to help you adjust to what you’re going through
  • Get your questions and concerns addressed
  • Find out more about treatment options
  • Learn about other resources that will help

How does the program work?

  • After you complete a brief online form we’ll connect you with a Peer Mentor or an NKF social worker to ask some additional questions
  • You can choose to use our app to connect with your Peer Mentor, or we can help select someone for you
  • Your Peer Mentor will call you during the times you specify – as most convenient for you
  • The program is all held over the phone, so you won’t need to go to another appointment

Will I be talking to someone one-on-one?

  • Yes, you’ll be matched with someone to talk by phone, one-on-one
  • If you’d like to connect with a larger group online, you’re welcome to join our online communities

Can my Peer Mentor recommend a doctor for me?

  • No. Peer Mentors cannot offer medical advice or opinions, nor endorse or recommend specific physicians, healthcare providers, facilities, treatments or providers
  • They can share their experiences, how they have been able to live well, listen to your questions or concerns, and provide resources to help

Is it private?

  • Yes, all information is kept confidential between you and your Peer Mentor
  • An NKF social worker oversees the program to make sure you’re getting the best support possible

Other Resources

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Prefer connecting online? Connect with others here!

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Find materials about NKF Peers for your patients.

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Depression is common in people who are on dialysis and can affect kidney health, as well as overall well-being. Learn more at pcori.org.

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